Chief Delehanty to Study at National FBI Academy

Chief Terrence Delehanty

Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty will spend the next ten weeks at the National FBI Academy in Virginia where he will be participating in an executive leadership and training program.

Delehanty was selected to the prestigious training program through a rigorous application process. Only one per cent of law enforcement candidates are accepted into the program. He will join police chiefs from the United States and foreign nations at the Academy.

Lt. Frank Scarpa will be the executive officer in charge of the day-to-day operations of the department during Delehanty’s time at the Academy. Delehanty said he will be in contact with the department on a daily basis.

Delehanty feels his training at the FBI Academy will help him to better administer the Winthrop department and enhance his knowledge of the latest international crime fighting techniques and technological advancements. There is also a physical conditioning program at the Academy.

“Any executive development helps the community in which you serve,” said Delehanty. “They’re going to tweak and tone some of my talents so I become a more effective manager on case managements of major crime scenes and investigations.”

Delehanty said he will enroll in a course on modern drug enforcement and techniques. All of the courses are at the Master’s degree level and Delehanty will receive course credit from the University of Virginia.

“They [Academy instructors and personnel] will review some of the cases we’ve had in Winthrop and tell me how we could better do our job as managers and officers conducting the investigations,” said Delehanty.

The chief will also enrolling in communication courses that will help him with media and publicizing the accomplishments of his department.

“I’m hoping to gain a lot of knowledge and expertise from my time at the Academy,” said Delehanty. “The chiefs from the area who have the attended the Academy have told me that the training they received was invaluable to them personally and to their communities.”

All of Delehanty’s training, course materials, and living expenses are paid for by the FBI Academy.

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