Police Blotter 09-06-2012

Monday, August 27

Caller reports another loud party on Trident Avenue. Units report clearing approximately 25 partiers from apartment and ascertaining the tenants information as well as the landlords. Message left for the landlord by Officer Callinan.

Someone reports that someone just walked in and out of his apartment on Golden Drive. He believes that this person is walking around in the building. W93 reports locating a possible Alzheimer’s patient. EMS for evaluation. Positive identity made and a family member was notified and picked her up. Officer Ferullo obtained contact information for any future encounters.

Received a 911 transfer from a father on Shore Drive regarding a six month old child being injured in a fall. Officer reports the child will be transported to BMC Center for medical evaluation.

Party on Court Road reports his friend had a seizure. WFD notified and will respond.

Party reports two  males claiming to be roofing contractors walking door to door on Johnson Avenue. Officer spoke with the contractors who were advised to file for a permit with Town Hall before going door to door.

WFD and EMS request an officer respond for a subject on Court Road. Officers report speaking with the subject who was transported to the Whidden Hospital via EMS.

Caller from Revere Street reports  man with no pants on running around neighborhood. Units report searching area to no avail.

Tuesday, August 28

Caller reports male hitting female in parking lot on Orlando Avenue. Officers report talking with male and female. Both parties just say they were having a verbal argument. Both parties advised of their rights and sent from the area.

Party on Crystal Cove Avenue reports having a 44 year old female who is semi-conscious. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Manager of CVS reports a hit and run in their lot a short time ago.

Bank of America security reports a bank robbery reported at the above address. Officers report accidental alarm set off by a new bank employee.

Party requesting the police stating a male just threatened her by the pool area at Walden Street apartments.

Party on Plummer Avenue reports that sometime overnight on August 21-22, someone entered her unlocked motor vehicle and stole her 2005 Garmin NUVI GPS valued at approximately $100. She just wanted it placed on file.

Someone came in to report her bicycle was stolen from her front porch sometime this past Friday on Highland Avenue. She described it as an Omega gray female bicycle with navy, gray and black triangles on the top tube. She stated it was valued at approximately $100.

Homeless male near Dunkin Donuts on Main Street being transported to MGH. Officer escorting ambulance due to subject’s unruliness.

Several calls from Somerset Terrace reporting several loud bangs that they don’t believe are fireworks. Units report discovering an expended box of fireworks in the middle of Johnson Avenue.

Wednesday, August 29

Caller states approximately ten males in the middle of the intersection of Sewall Avenue and Highland Avenue. They are arguing but appears it will escalate into a physical altercation. Units report approximately eight dispersed upon arrival. Peace restored.

DCF called us to leave a notification for an individual on Wave Way Avenue. 92 reports the subject was not at the residence but left a notice with the mother to contact DCF.

Party reports a male appears to be passed out on the bench at Hannaford Park. Officers report the subject has been staying with his brother at Seal Harbor but they had an argument earlier. He will leave the area.

Caller requests we check on a female resident on Washington Avenue. She appeared despondent when she last heard from her over the internet approximately 35 minutes ago. Officers report they gained access to the house and cannot locate the female subject. All officers will BOLO for the female subject.

Executor of an estate came in with some old ammunition that she discovered in the residence on Winthrop Street. Placed with other ammunition that has been turned in.

Detectives are doing a follow up investigation on Temple Avenue.

Received 911 hang up from Executive Apartments. Called back and nobody answered. Officer responded and reports gaining access and reports a domestic argument took place there. Officer requested EMS for a female subject. She refused medical attention.

Party reports his friend on Sunnyside Avenue has not been able to be reached over the last few days and he is concerned about her. Officer spoke with the subject’s husband who will advise her about the call.

Caller reports three individuals in a motor vehicle pulled up and the black male driver took photos of his home on Faun Bar Avenue. A white male stayed in the vehicle as well as a black female in the back of the vehicle.

Subject reports being yelled at by second floor tenants who are being evicted on Winthrop Street. This happened as she was entering and exiting her son’s first floor apartment. Wanted it on record should anything happen. Advised to call us if necessary.

Party on Walden Street request we check on her friend who may be being abused by her son. Officer requests medical for a 51 year old male. Subject sent to MGH. No abuse found.

Caller on Grovers Avenue requests an officer stand by while she retrieves a few items from her apartment.

Party came in to the station to drop off a preprinted statement which claims that his son threatened to falsely claim that he was being molested by his father if he were to continue pursuing visitation rights with his grandson in Probate Court. At one point in the conversation, the subject also threatened to kill him. He just wanted this logged in on the advise of his counsel.

Caller reports man trying to drag a woman into a white pickup on Shore Drive. Units report area search negative.

An armed robbery just occurred in East Boston. Light skinned male, skinny build, displayed silver handgun. Last seen headed into Winthrop on foot. All units notified.

Thursday, August 30

Caller reports a group of kids hanging on the wall on Franklin Street side of the field. Group was smoking marijuana. Det. Callinan and Officer Silva send group on its way.

Call from a residence on Winthrop Street to report she can hear a lady screaming and items breaking in Governors Park. She does not know what building or area this is happening. Officers report it appears to be a domestic in Building 400. They report a verbal and the male left the area.

Report of a woman down at the old CVS location in Winthrop Center.

W98 Det. Racow reports they are executing a search warrant on Shore Drive. She also reports having one under arrest. Charges: Possession of Class A and Class B drug, possession of heroin, possession of cocaine, possession of mushrooms, unlawful possession of various prescription drugs, possession of firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition.

Caller on Crest Avenue reports her ex assaulted her and won’t leave after dropping off their child. Units report husband left prior to their arrival.

Child came to the station with his mother to report that they just saw the bike that he reported stolen to us on July 7th on Veterans Road. It was under a porch. W93 responded and located the bike which matched the description the child gave. W93 attempted to locate a resident of the building but could not. Bike was brought to the station and returned to its owner.

Two males came to the station to report and ask for direction as their father, has not been seen or heard from for over a month in Brooksfield, Florida. They were advised to contact the Florida authorities to file a missing person report.

Report of a possible domestic between a woman and tall bald male at Crystal Cove Inn. Officers spoke to couple who were having a verbal argument.

Friday, August 31

Party on Locust Street called reporting an unwanted guest. Units report they  have one male under arrest. Charges: Domestic assault and battery.

Woman called twice from Crest Avenue reporting loud intoxicated males there. First they were reported to be out in the street. Caller called back to report they are in the basement apartment there. Officers responded and then had to clear to answer the next call. W100 and W93 responded back to this address and spoke to the occupants of the back apartment. They will be shutting the party down for the night.

Several calls for a male screaming in the area of Magee’s Corner. Units report male having unspecified medical issues, complaining of intense stomach pain.

Bank Robbery Task Force called to report a bank robbery that had occurred in Lynn. The suspect has ties to Winthrop. Det. Callinan and Off. Sean Delehanty will investigate.

Call from male reporting that a motor vehicle struck a vehicle on River Road near Lewis Avenue. Directions were given to us over the phone. Officer caught up with the vehicle on River Road after a ride around town. Female is having a diabetic reaction. Fire and Action will respond.

Party on Washington Avenue called to report his girlfriend took $90 from him. Unit 93 spoke to the caller and he just wants it noted as of now.

91 Freeman off with two individuals at Hannaford Park. 92 Turner will backup. Driver is from Governors Park. G&J will tow vehicle. Female under arrest for traffic warrant.

Saturday, September 1

Caller on Pleasant Street reports his wife is trying to kill herself. Unit 93 reports a 56 year old female transported to the Whidden.

Party on Hutchinson Street reports that she is involved in a landlord/tenant issue and that there has been a great amount of animosity and was concerned that things would escalate. She asked that this be noted. She was advised that this was a civil matter.

Caller reports a road rage incident on Pleasant Street and fight between the occupants of two motor vehicles. Officers report stopping vehicle with a status expired non-renewable. Officers unable to locate second vehicle but will BOLO.

Female on Beacon Street reports someone may have tried to force their way into her apartment via her bathroom window. It does not appear that the individual gained access. She only wants this noted at this time.

Party reports two young males in a small watercraft hearing toward CPYC operating erratically and that they are pulling up all the buoys and moorings in the area. WFD notified to contact the Harbormaster.

Manager of CVS reports juvenile shoplifter. 93 will bring female to station for parental pickup.

Caller reports two 12 year old white males soliciting for a teacher on Quincy Avenue. No such teacher. 93 responds and reports area search negative.

Unwanted guest reported at Suburban Extended Stay. Unit requesting  check on him. Unit will stand by while party grabs his belongings and leaves the area.

Sunday, September 2

Caller reports a group of kids on the beach at the rear of the water tower with a small fire. Units report fire put out and group sent on their way.

Male on Edward Street reports his parents are fighting. Units report they have one under arrest. Charges: Domestic assault and battery.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports a youth on a bicycle being beat up by another group of youths. Unable to provide any street or exact location other than this is happening “on the street before Shore Drive”. Units report checking both Faun Bar and Grovers. W01 reports locating a group matching the description in the area of Grovers and Shore. After speaking to all involved, it was determined that the youths were only rough-housing.

Party on Shirley Street reports his girlfriend is yelling at his daughter. Units report restoring the peace and stood by as the male gathered some personal belongings and has left the area.

Caller reports that his daughter ran home from Winthrop Center after being approached by a male dressed in all black that resembled a hazmat suit. A thorough area search was fruitless.

Party on Buchanan Street reports a group of kids fighting. Units report a party was jumped by a few individuals. The offenders (two males and a female) fled the scene in a small red vehicle possibly a Honda or Toyota and a knife was shown in the assault but not used.

Party brought in a Citizens Bank ATM Visa Debit card he found left behind at the ATM machine. Placed under the front counter.

Monday, September 3

Caller reports a male yelled at him and his girlfriend over a parking issue at Winthrop Marketplace. Male yelled at him and called him names and drove away. White male in his 50’s.  Vehicle comes back to a male on Winthrop. Caller wanted this on record.

Party from Governors Park reports a neighbor informed her that a male neighbor has threatened to slash the tires on her vehicle. She requested it be placed on record and she will pack her vehicle in sight of the surveillance cameras.

Female from Crest Avenue came in to report she was the victim of a past assault and battery.

Party called from Lincoln Street to report what she believes to be an issue with the abuse of special needs children. 92 will be off to address for a well-being check of the child.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports his daughter’s cell phone was stolen and they have it on GPS. 91 reports they were able to track the phone to Harvard Street. 91 and 92 report male had the phone. Said he found it while walking his dog.

Party on Ingleside Avenue came in to the station stating that he has been having problems with his girlfriend. He stated that he wants her evicted from the residence. Party advised us that she is currently on the lease that expires in June 2013. Party was advised this was a civil matter and was advised of his rights.

Walk in to report a male in a full camo suit was following her by the high school. She yelled she was calling the police and he walked away. Officers located the male. He was pulling a prank. Officers spoke to him and gave warning.

Caller on Trident Avenue states that her neighbors appear to be mistreating their children. 93 reports children appear to be fine and family is packing because they  need to be out of the residence by the morning.

Taxi driver wants assistance to ID a fare evader on Tafts Avenue. Officer report fare evasion took place in Chelsea.

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