Boncore Makes Request : Council Will Speak to the Interim Auditor

Councilor-at-Large Philip Boncore asked for an open discussion with the interim auditor (Richard Hingston) and Town Manager James McKenna will make it happen.

Boncore was his usual direct self, looking out for the best interests of the council and our residents. There was a suggestion that councilors talk to Mr. Hingston on a one-on-one basis and meet with him at a Council finance committee meeting,  but Boncore knew it might be more time consuming for everyone involved and less productive.

The fact is, Town Manager McKenna has kept the financial operations of this team moving smoothly after some changes in the administration of that department and his decisions have worked well. McKenna used his professional experience and did what he felt what is in the best interests of the town and its financial operations on an interim basis and the results have been good.

McKenna said he would be happy to set up a Council meeting with Mr. Hingston and have their questions answered in an open forum. Boncore made his point well and the town will benefit from his idea.

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