Deleo Secures Funding for Water, Air Testing Here

Winthrop’s House Speaker Robert DeLeo has persuaded Massport to put up $100,000 as a Community Action Committee (CAC) grant that will allow Winthrop and Revere to hire a consultant to examine air quality and noise issues.

DeLeo said he patented the CAC grant after what is done at the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Advisory Board which explores rates and also discusses how to meet the demands of quality of life issues.

“I saw a need for Winthrop and Revere to address these air and noise issues and Massport agreed to put up the $100,000,” the speaker added.

In another move directed by the speaker and given the go ahead by Rick Sullivan, the state’s Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, water quality of the state’s public beaches – Department of Conservation and Recreation beaches – will be studied long term in keeping with Governor Deval Patrick’s desire that this be done.

“I disagreed with the long term study as many of our beaches are having short term problems this year with water quality,” said Speaker DeLeo. “So Secretary Sullivan and I agreed that short term studies as well as long term studies will be conducted and the money for the studies has been placed in the Environmental Department’s budget,” he added.

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