A Chance to Chart the Future : Mckenna Has Key Positions to Be Filled

There can be no question that Town Manager James McKenna has moved the town and its government in a positive direction since taking office three years ago. There have been many accomplishments and initiatives by the town manager that have caused town government to be run more efficiently,  professionally, and with cost effectiveness. From the consolidation of the town departments to re-energizing  the historic E.B. Newton building and making it a vital place as a cultural center and a vibrant spot for businesses and other organizations, McKenna has been a smart and dynamic leader who hasn’t been afraid to shake up the norm and find what’s in the best interests of Winthrop residents.

Now the town manager can further put his imprint on town government with his upcoming appointments to some of the positions that have become vacant. Winthrop has lost some outstanding personnel to area communities. McKenna also paid the price for his superb mentorship of former grants administrator Peter Lombardi, who held the grant writing position that the town once said no to at the polls, but McKenna deemed could be a great funding source for Winthrop (and he was proven right). Lombardi learned a lot about the workings of town government from McKenna and soon another community recognized Lombardi’s excellence and he has moved on.

McKenna will be announcing some of his choices for these important town positions soon and if his three-year record of exceptional leadership is an indication, Winthrop residents can expect that our town manager will find the best talent and the right man or woman to become a team player for the direct benefit of our town.

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