Police Blotter 08-02-2012

Monday, July 23

Alarm company called reporting alarm sounding at the ATM machine at Simione Oil Co. Sgt. Hickey who is on a detail at that location reports no problem.

Several motorists report erratic operator on Somerset Avenue. 93 reports being with vehicle, and requesting a medical evaluation for the operator. Units report voluntary transport to the Whidden.

Caller reports young kids in the ocean unsupervised at the CPYC. Unit 93 reports she was given information that a mother with two little girls were in the area but have left.

Female from River Road came to the station to report the unauthorized use of her Discover Card.

Call from Ocean Auto Body of a woman driving and hitting three motor vehicles there. Caller called back reporting the woman is there but no injury. W92 along with W97 responded and reports a medical issue and request fire. Fire notified and G&J responded and towed all four vehicles.

Reports of an opossum in a barrel in her pool area on Johnson Avenue. Animal Control responded. He was able to release the animal from the barrel on the property helping the homeowner out.

Female from Seal Harbor I came to the station to report damage to her motor vehicle while parked in her assigned space in the enclosed parking garage. The damage occurred sometime since 9 p.m. last night and 3 p.m. today when she went to the garage to use her car. She believes that the assigned car next to her may be involved.

Report of a white truck going around picking up trash on Shirley Street. Party came on his property and tried to take a washer and dryer that was outside. Parties were in a white pickup. Caller reports they may have hit his car while there. No more information. Officers report a white pickup with wood on the sides and the damage to the resident’s motor vehicle is old.

Woman on Putnam Street called to report a scam over the telephone of someone with an accent trying to get her bank account information.

New resident on Shirley Street called to report someone was trying to push into her apartment. Officers checked the hall and surrounding area and no one around. Caller reports someone was jiggling her door knob.

Female reports a group of eight men are about to fight at Governors Park. Officers attempting to move along several groups in area. Carter and Bonavita on bike responded to assist. Another 6-7 moved out from 7/11.

Tuesday, July 24

Call from Executive Apartments from female to report her sister is an unwanted guest. Party had left the building prior to the police arrival.

Caller reports transformer sparking. Officer reports speaking to caller that reports transformer on Brewster Street had been sparking. They  had called National Grid and they were enroute. The transformer had stopped sparking prior to the officers arrival.

Employee at Dunkin Donuts needed medical assistance. WFD and ambulance notified and enroute.

Officers assisting constables serving capias warrant on Winthrop Street. Unable to locate subject.

Party on Shirley Street reports his friend is heavily intoxicated and he needs medical assistance.

Man at Fort Heath Apartments reports that he is receiving calls that he won a contest and the caller is asking for money. He would like this noted. (Can we place this on our Facebook page to advise seniors??)

DPW reports syringes in cemetery area. Can officers BOLO this area during their shifts?

Caller reports a tree down in the middle of Brookfield Road. Unit 91 reports the tree down in the park. DPW has been notified.

Male reports motor vehicle on Shirley Street has a woman letting an 8 year old drive. 91 Callinan stopped the car after it was parked and lady said she did not let the child drive as she was always parked. Warned of the action our department would take if found otherwise.

Male came to the station with a drawing depicting the accident that had happened previously at Seal Harbor One. Illustrations left for Off. Ferullo.

Report from Governors Park that a former resident there moved out and left their cat who continues to stay in the area of the apartment building. Caller reports that she has called several times regarding this as the cat has been abandoned for several weeks. Message left for ACO.

Male reports some type of small fire from a wire that came down  near the gazebo at Ingleside Park. Fire Dept.notified.

Caller reports a car was parked in front of his house on Grandview Avenue with people smoking dope in it. Caller reports car left as he was calling. No further information.

Wednesday, July 25

Kids playing basketball at Massa Playground after hours. Officer DeCarlo reports taking names down and told them they will be charged for trespassing if they come back after hours again.

Lt. Scarpa reports a motor vehicle on Shirley Street appears to have an assault rifle in the back. W97 Chief responded and after further investigation, they believe it may be a paint pellet rifle. W92 was assigned to follow up on the weapon. Officer reports tagging the vehicle for an expired inspection sticker. The officer took possession of the paint ball rifle and will bring to the owner’s home. Officer reports speaking with the parents and explaining the severity of the situation.

Party reports a person is camping out at the rear of Cummings School. Officers spoke with him and advised him not to return to the school property.

Party came in to the station to report a violation of an active ERO. Party contacted her by phone as well as had a friend call her while she was visiting her parents out of state. Party made out a victim/witness statement regarding the matter. Restraining order issued by EB District Court which has not been served. Officer made contact with the landlord who will speak to the male later and have him contact the station.

Outage notification received from Wadsworth Avenue. Estimated duration is 2-1/2 hours and number of customers impacted is one. Other streets may be impacted in the vicinity.

Female came in to the station to report a past assault and battery on or around February 28.

Party reports an elderly female just fell in front of his office on Crest Avenue. WFD and EMS notified. Lt. Perrin reports the woman may have been bit by a loose dog. Message left for ACO VanBuskirk. Female patient transported to MGH via ambulance. Her father will be notified by his son-in-law.

Female reports she formerly resided on Shirley Street and has since moved to NH. Her husband received a package for a product he did not order and is concerned about identity theft. She is concerned that someone is having packages delivered to her former address in his name. She will follow up with the credit reporting agencies.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports that he received a call from a man stating he was conducting a survey for the transportation department. He wanted it noted as he believes this call to be suspicious.

Caller reports a female is trying to break into a building on Grovers Avenue. Officers report speaking with caller and female has left the area. Officers believe it was an ex-girlfriend of the party that lives in the apartment. No one answered door at the apartment.

Party on Grovers Avenue reports being assaulted last night by her ex-boyfriend. She stated she is not in Winthrop at this time and will come to the station to file a report this week. She was advised of her rights.

Constable furnished a list of gas turn off warrants issued for various locations in town.

Follow-up investigation with victim of elderly fraud with ADA on Lorean Terrace.

Thursday, July 26

Report of a young boy riding carelessly around the Elks parking lot with his grandfather looking on. Caller feels it is unsafe for the child.

Party reports he just chased off some young kids who pulled out the fence and slid underneath it into the area of the water tower. DPW notified and will assess the situation.

Male came in to report his ex-girlfriend broke into his apartment on Grovers Avenue last night and assaulted him. Victim/witness form provided.

Party called to report the missing kayak that was reported stolen last week may be in his yard on Shirley Street. Owner contacted and identified it. He will pick it up with his mother.

Caller reports possible parent/child domestic on Trident Avenue. Mother/son verbal only.

Father on Washington Avenue reports he does not want his son there. Units report sending son out of the area.

Call for a domestic on Main Street. Officers request EMS response. One transported to MGH and one under arrest. Charges: domestic assault and battery.

Officer attempted to locate subject on Crest Avenue to serve the abuse prevention order. No answer once again. Subject called the station and was informed that there is an abuse prevention order in effect. The order was read to him on a recorded line and he will come in today to pick up his copy of the order.

Report of two kids on roller blades skating in the street nearly being struck by vehicles. This happened on Bowdoin Street near Madison Avenue.

Friday, July 27

Party reports she wrote a check out to her friend and it was stolen and cashed at D’Parma’s Restaurant. The check was for $30. and was taken out against her account at the WFCU/Webster Financial. She has notified the financial institution and has been reimbursed.

Mother on Revere Street is having trouble with her autistic son. EMS will respond also.

Caller on Overlook Drive is being harassed by a neighbor for several months. She is going away for the weekend so she will come in Monday and fill out a victim/witness statement.

Saturday, July 28

Officer reports being stopped at Shirley and Cross Street for smoke going into a house. It probably is from a fire pit. Officer located the pit at the address and they will put it out.

Call from Locust Street about loud noise. It sounded like a night club. This is his fourth or fifth time for loud music or groups outside. Officers respond and after he left, music started right back up. The landlord was there with the loud music playing. She was informed if this continues a complaint will be issued for her, for keeper of a disorderly house. Music off for the night.

Party on Emerson Road reports a man taking photos was in front of her daughter’s home this morning. The man claims he was doing appraisals in the area. He left in an older model white  RAV, no plate given. Party was advised there is no crime committed at this point. She was advised to have her daughter call the station if he should return to the area.

Caller on Shore Drive states that her ex-husband has been texting her approximately 10 times a day over the last week. She was advised of her rights.

Party on Lincoln Street came to the station wanting an incident document that occurred last night. Her boyfriend and his brother were involved in an altercation about a week ago. Since that altercation the brother has been slamming doors and playing loud music in efforts to bother the female and her boyfriend who reside downstairs. She was advised to contact this department if the noise continues.

Someone on Bartlett road reports her new neighbor has someone pruning trees on her property line but they are tossing them into her yard and refusing to remove them. Officer reports speaking with the property owner on Orlando Avenue who will make sure the branches and mess are removed from her property.

Caller reports young couple verbally arguing on Pauline Street with the female crying.

Party on Central Street reports her ex-husband assaulted her. Officers report party wants time to fill out victim/witness form and to “think about” what she wants to do. Officer picked up victim/witness statement and will write a report.

Sunday, July 29

Group of three dispersed from Basketball court at Cummings School.

Reports of a loud party taking place in the area of home on Hermon Street. Officers stood by and cleared the subjects out of the area.

Caller states that there is a car parked in the handicap parking spot on Cutler Street. Officer issued parking ticket for a handicap violation.

Female on Revere Street reports her husband is drunk and she does not want him at home. Units request EMS for evaluation. No transport, all parties advised of their rights. Wife will allow husband to stay the night.

Caller on River Road she is unable to contact her sister, after she received a text message from her around 4:30 a.m. this morning which stated that she had been arguing with her husband and was in fear of her safety. Call history also revealed a domestic disturbance prompting a response from us around 12:00 a.m. W92 reports party came to the window but refused to open the door, stating she didn’t trust the police. Given the call history and concern for her well being, fire notified to gain entry and to ensure her safety. Units report one female voluntarily transported to Whidden for evaluation.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports a raccoon acting crazy and terrorizing his family. ACO notified.

Monday, July 30

Caller reports graffiti on the brick work near the benches in Hannaford Park. She also stated that she has seen an increase of alcoholic beverage containers and evidence of narcotic use in the area. Request more intensive patrols of the park to include the area around the benches.

Female on Bartlett Road reports an unknown male subject accosted her while she was getting in her car to go to work, and attempted to force her car door open before she sped off. All units BOLO’d for a tall, “clean cut” white male.

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