Police Blotter 06-21-2012

Monday, June 11

Christopher’s Auto requests that police remove someone from the property for yelling and screaming. Units report customer complaining about work done to his vehicle. Owner settled with the customer and he was sent from the area.

Party report that guests are acting suspicious at Suburban Extended Stay and would like to see an officer.

Woman called from Kennedy Road to report her home house caretaker stole items from her home. Unit 94 reports the caller was advised to contact her doctor.

Party from Cutler Street reports her three year old may have stuck herself with an Eppi-pen. WFD responding to check child out.

WFD called requesting an officer for an assistance on Kennedy Road. Unit 94 reports party will be transported.

Call of a middle-aged black woman in Winthrop Center may need to be checked out as she appears to need some help. W93 Off. Ferullo checked the entire area and no one fitting description in the area.

Staff member called to report a very young child crossing Kennedy Road. Approximately 3 year old female. Units dispatched. Woman called back to report the parent was right there and turned her back talking to staff and did not hear the principal calling for a parent due to a language barrier. All okay.

Report of a person wrapped in a blanket on Shore Drive near Crest Avenue who appears to be sleeping and the tide is coming in. W93 reports being flagged down by a woman regarding the person on the beach. State had not arrived. Off. Ferullo woke up the sleeping man and sent him out of the area for his safety.

Party came to the station with a woman’s gray Kenneth Cole wristlet wallet she found outside CVS in one of their carriages. She brought the wallet to the address listed inside the wallet on the license, but no one was home. Wallet contains two $100 bills and several dollars in change along with bank credit cards and personal cards and papers. Female came to the station to retrieve her wallet after telephone message was left for her. She signed a receipt.

Female from Taunton came to the station to report she believes her estranged husband is stalking her. She claims that her husband has found out her new address in Winthrop and he left a broken body part of a wrestling figure on her mailbox. There is a restraining order in effect of no abuse and a stay away. While the female was at the station a check of all parties revealed an active warrant. Prisoner was bailed by Clerk Faretra. After being bailed, tried to learn what the abuse was that the wife was alleged committed by her husband. Wife claimed to have brought records of abuse on her cell phone. There were none. She was advised to bring her documented actions of abuse that happened in our jurisdiction when she finds them and if it is warranted, we will file complaints. 

Tuesday, June 12 

Report of a female acting irrationally on Main Street. She is running in and out of traffic. Units report female was checked out and is on a bus heading to East Boston.

Attempt to serve a 209A to Governors Drive. Reports no one is home.

Party requests a well being check on Charles Street. He has not heard from his brother-in-law and is concerned for his well being as he just lost his wife a short time ago. Party was contacted and is fine. He is not returning party’s call as he is receiving numerous calls from him and is contemplating a harassment order.

CVS reports a male just stole razor blades and took off into the center. He was described as a white male wearing a black hat and a gray sweatshirt in his 20’s. All units were notified.

Wednesday, June 13 

Caller from CVS reports a female shoplifter. W94 reports.

Party reports theft of boat canvas from Shirley Street.

Woman from Locust Street reports that her ATM card was used without her authority on three separate times in Revere and Boston. Advised a journal record would be generated, but she was also advised to contact the department’s in the cities where the card was actually used.

Caller reports a group of people “protesting” in Michael’s Mall and causing a disturbance on private property. W92 reports speaking to the two individuals involved who agree to stay on public property.

An attempt to serve a male on Cross Street a 209A. Units report party is at work and will attempt to serve later in the night shift.

A hypodermic needle was found in the Elks Lodge parking lot. Officer reports.

Call of a male staggering up the hill from Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. Caller said he observed the party fall several times. No medical requested and party was given a ride to his residence.

Male caller from Prospect Avenue reports his 2-1/2 year old grandson has a burn and needs medical attention. WFD notified and W93 responded and reports. Accidental splatter burn.

Another attempt to serve permanent 209A on Cross Street. No answer at the door and house was in darkness.

Reports of hearing a woman screaming and glass breaking possibly coming from the Dunkin Donuts parking lot on Revere Street. Verbal argument only.

Thursday, June 14 

Female caller from Governors Park reports baby choking and turning blue. WFD and ambulance enroute. Could hear the baby crying in the background. Officer reports the object the baby was choking on was cleared and the baby was seen by fire and ambulance.

Paul Revere Bus Co. called to report a disturbance on the bus. Caller stated that the bus driver had a water bottle thrown off his head by a patron that was refusing to pay. Suspect was a white male approximately 25 years old with a goatee who fled the scene prior to our arrival.

Female party came into the station to have a journal entry entered about an incident. She drives the “Kids Mobile” that picks up younger students from the Fort Banks School. While she was pulling up to the school driveway she asked a vehicle if he could move his car up so she was could park. The man refused and then began to swear at her. The woman started to leave and stated she was going to the police station to file a complaint.

Caller reports that material was stolen from a job site on Shore Drive. He will come to the station to file a report. Four solar panels valued at approximately $2,000 were stolen over the weekend by the side of the residence.

Report of a young couple in a dispute on Brookfield Road. 92 Brown spoke with a couple of 16 year olds. All settled.

Female family member asks us to check on male on Charles Street. 93 DeFreitas reports all is okay and he identified male. This is a family matter and according to male, his brother-in-law is harassing him.

Male from Winthrop Street reports that his girlfriend’s daughter, a witness in a sexual assault case, is being intimidated by an older female. 92 Brown reports that this is a disagreement between teenage females involved in the case.

Caller from Court Road reports that there is a group of at least 20 youths on the path throwing beer cans. W92 and W93 responded and report finding half filled open beer cans and emptying them. Upon their arrival, two youths took off.

Reports of a large group gathered at Yirrell Beach and in the street. Lots of beer cans lined up on the wall. Units report just four individual sitting on the wall. No signs of any alcohol. As the units were leaving the point, the group multiplied again. Officers spoke with parties and sent them out of the area.

Officer reports checking the area of Pond Street Playground and finding a large group of youths and dispersing them.

Officer moving a group out of Daw Playground. One underage male with alcohol. Will summons in for minor in possession. W92 brought one juvenile home and spoke with the father.

Friday, June 15 

Reports of two young females walking down Shirley Street near Myrtle Avenue breaking bottles. Officer spoke to caller who swept up the glass that was broken.

Reports of a group that were in Hannaford Park and are not at the Pond Street Playground. They had been running in and out of the yards there.

Caller from Court Road complains of three males making noise. 92 Luti and 94 Feeley report locating three mopeds that are possibly stolen as four males fled from the scene. Ignition is “popped” on two of them. G&J will take them into the garage for further investigation. One was reported stolen out of Everett. Second stolen from Pleasant Street. Owner ID and picked up same.

Party reports a crew in the area of Pleasant Street checking for gas leaks and requesting assistance from the DPW popping manholes as they are having difficulty. Calla notified on his cell phone.

Two youths were spotted smoking marijuana out in the open on Morton Street.

Caller reports male in “Muslim” attire has been on the bridge for five days in a row looking at the planes and acting suspicious. Unit reports party is elderly man that walks every day. He checked out fine.

Party came to the station presenting paperwork from the Town of Saugus on a dog licensed to her. She states the dog was in the possession of her daughter on Charles Street when her daughter died. She states that her daughter’s husband now refuses to give her the dog back. Units report knocking on the door and all lights are out and there is not response. Party was advised by ACO to seek civil complaint in court to settle ownership.

Caller reports man screaming on North Avenue. Units report restoring the peace.

Officer Ferullo requests a cruiser for one under arrest at his detail at PPYC. Charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Report of a male in a dark SUV going the wrong way on Orlando Avenue. He was talking to all the young girls in the area. Did not know motor vehicle type or plate. Did not have a description of the male. Officer spoke to people in the area. Area search negative.

Saturday, June 16

Caller reports of a domestic on the first floor on Shirley Street. Units report a verbal and parties have been advised of their rights.

Party reports two teens looking into vehicles near the auto body shop on Argyle Street. Officer reports speaking with two men known to him that have the owner’s permission to remove speakers from a motor vehicle.

Female came in to report she has commenced divorce proceedings against her husband and she received a mortgage document from him in the mail that she believes may have been altered in a Suffolk County Sheriff’s envelope with his handwriting. She will bring this information to her July 12 scheduled court date at the Suffolk Probate Court and consult with her attorney.

Mother from Mermaid Avenue called stating her son is intoxicated and having a problem at the house.

Father came to the station to report he went to get his daughter because he has custody for the weekend and the mother of the child would not allow him to take his daughter. He stated he was allowed to see her but not have her leave with him. He was advised  of his civil rights.

Sunday, June 17

Caller from Central Street requests an officer to mediate a child safety issue as his estranged wife is intoxicated. He no longer lives at the address but responded there after receiving several calls from family members. No probate orders in effect. Units mediated a temporary settlement whereas the wife did not appear to be intoxicated. Her uncle was willing to spend the night and the child could remain in her own bed.

Male states vandalism to his property on Lowell Road at some point last night. 93 responds and reports windows were vandalized and will check the neighboring homes for vandalism.

Individual came to the station to report that he was assaulted last night at 3:20 a.m. y two males on Hadassah Way. Both wearing dark clothing. Also two items were stolen from him.

Party called to report while driving on Main Street, a motor vehicle pulled out of a parking spot and bent her mirror in. There was no damage to her car but the other male party driving a red car followed her and when she stopped down the Center at French Square, he got out screaming at her and asked for her name and took her plate number. He offered none of his information and drove off. She wanted this reported.

Female from Central Street came in to report past domestic assault with her mother. She does not want to press charges at this time.

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