Police Blotter 06-07-2012

Tuesday, May 29

Detail officer reports needle on the ground on Revere Street. Officer Brown will place it in the Cruiser Sharps container.

Officer will try to serve male on Winthrop Street a 209A issued by the EB Court. He reports he is not there. People he lives with say they will have him call us.

Female came to report she had her pocketbook stolen while at the CVS.

Above male called the station asking about the 209A issued on him. He stated he understood and will come by and get his copy.

Wednesday, May 30

Detail officer on Pleasant Street received a report of an unconscious or sleeping male behind the wheel of a truck in the area. 93 issued a unifo9rm traffic citation for an open container in the vehicle.

Officer requested a unit for a disturbance that is taking place on Waldemar Avenue. Officer reports two motorists got into an argument but have since resolved the matter.

Party reports someone in the area of Argyle Street has been shooting BBS at the vehicles and has caused some damage.

Reports of ducks trying to cross the street near Miller Field but are having trouble. Revere ACO notified and he will assist.

State Police are in the area of Temple Avenue looking for a fugitive who was once arrested with the occupant of that address. He does not believe the wanted party will show up here but wanted to let us know he will be in the area as they have no other leads on him.

Party reports kids hanging around the area of Kennedy Road and Revere Street who are blocking the walkway. Officers report having two males and two female high school students leave the area.

Caller reports her son a woman urinate in their backyard on Underhill Street. She then exited towards the beach. All units notified to be on the look-out.

Two calls of man acting suspiciously on Harvard Street. Units report taking man to the Heights. All clear.

Thursday, May 31

Officer reports sending about 15 inside for the night on Trident Avenue for disturbance.

Caller reports the electric transformer on Jefferson Street at the rear of Michael’s Mall just exploded.

Party reports her PayPal account was charged approximately $160 by fraudulent charges made through her Apple account. She would like this noted for further reference.

Female from Fort Heath Apartments reports a former friend of hers apparently stole two checks from her checkbook and cashed one at the TD Bank, Revere branch. There was an attempt to cash the other at the same branch but it was not cashed. She was advised by EB Savings Bank to make a report to the Winthrop Police and then to the Revere Police where the larceny of funds and forgery took place. The check cashed was for $1500.

Female reports that as she was on Winthrop Shore Drive, a bald male was walking around them When they went inside their residence, the suspect stated a lewd remark. All units notified of same. Suspect stopped and during questioning, made statements of doing harm to himself and was Section 12 and transported via Action to MGH.

Party reports two subjects are dumping asphalt in the Bell Isle Boat Yard. The property owner is on the scene and the asphalt is being removed by the two subjects.

Principal reported to Lt. Perrin that there is a group of teens causing a disturbance in the area of the high school. Officer reports gray four door sedan was being operated in an erratic manner and creating a disturbance. The officer will patrol the area for the subjects.

Party reports people taking pictures of airplanes with airport as a backdrop near Winthrop Yacht club. Party believes they are suspicious as they appear to be Middle Eastern in descent.

Grandmother requested we check for the location of her 8 year old grandson who is supposedly with his mother on Circuit Road. She believes mother is under the influence. 93 spoke with mother who is under the influence and reports the child is at the Piers Park in East Boston with another female. The child was turned over to his grandfather and the caller was notified.

Manager of Energy To Go states a homeless man has been sleeping by the dumpster at night. Will check out during shift.

Friday, June 1

Party on Overlook Drive reports her garden tools that she stored in the alcove were stolen sometime between this past Saturday and yesterday. She reports they were valued at approximately $50.

Asst. Principal at Winthrop Middle School reported to Lt. Perrin and requested to speak with an officer regarding a possible inappropriate relationship involving a student.

Party reports a painting crew dumping paint into the catch basin at Crystal Cove Marina. 93 reports they claimed it to be water and were advised to cease.

Someone reports a rabid raccoon in his backyard on Washington Avenue. ACO notified and will respond.

Male called stating kids were lighting fireworks off the docks at Crystal Cove Marina. Officers report locating youths with a parent. Activities stopped.

Check in back on Energy To Go and no one behind the trash. All okay.

Saturday, June 2

Report of a disturbance of kids at White Hen Pantry. All left with no problem, except one who mouthed off and was given a warning.

Caller states that she just arrived home and believes the police just left her door on Sea Foam Avenue. It was confirmed that we responded to a noise complaint that was unfounded. She wanted it noted that this is an ongoing pattern of harassment and will be in Monday for journal entries to seek a remedy with the landlord or the EBDC.

Party came in to report someone entered his unlocked motor vehicle overnight on Bay View Avenue and stole some items. He reports no damage to the vehicle.

Someone reports some jewelry was taken from her mother who resides at EB Neighborhood Health on Sturgis Street.

Father came into the station to report that yesterday his 16 year old son told him he was staying at a friend’s house and he later learned that was not the case. He has not heard from his son since yesterday. Missing report taken and entered into NCIC.

Unknown Spanish male walked into the station stating that he had been beaten up and could not tell us where or how he came to be in Winthrop. He appeared to be intoxicated and had visible bruising to his lip and face. WFD responded along with Action Ambulance for evaluation. He’s okay and 91 will drop him off at the Heights.

Sunday, June 3

Male called to report a dead deer washed up on Pico Beach near Francis Street. ACO VanBuskirk, notified and will respond.

Call from Seal Harbor that a boat broke loose behind the building. Fire notified.

Officer will try to serve a female on Wilshire Street a 209A issued by the Dedham Court. Officer Callinan he served her in hand.

Father who came to the station previously about his son being missing found where his son was. The son stayed out for the last two days but would not give any real answers about where he was. He was given a talk and told his father to seek a CHINS if this happens again.

Party reports he believes his next door neighbor on Circuit Road isn’t home and the mother is going in and out of the house. Unit reports female party removed from the house.

Report of a male having a seizure in the lobby of Alcohol and Drug Free Lodging Home on Shore Drive. Fire department notified. Officer reports a 49 year old male transported to Mass General. Male has a history of seizure.

Caller reports road flooding in the area of Winthrop Elks. W92 responded and reports high tide causing overflow. DPW notified and was responding.

Monday, June 4

Party reports a Comcast wire down at the end of Prospect Avenue. Party notified Comcast and stated they will come to move the wire.

Officer Crisafi will follow up on a theft that took place last Thursday at Fort Heath Apartments.

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