Police Blotter 05-31-2012

Tuesday, May 22 

911 call transferred from a male who was calling on behalf of his friend on Sunset Road who believes her ex-boyfriend continues to pound on her door and she further believes he is intoxicated. Units were able to talk to her and area search negative.

Party on Revere Street reports someone is in her driveway and he took her new washing machine last week. Officers report above subject took a new washing machine out of the driveway of the above address where the caller just moved into. Officer reports they worked out a repayment plan with the subject.

Party reports a woman requesting the police. Units requesting an ambulance for an assault victim on Main Street. WFD notified.

Elderly services request person check of female on Governors Drive. Female had called Mass General earlier stating that her son who is living with her and he is abusive.

Party requests we BOLO for his estranged wife on Shore Drive as she made comments to him that indicate she may be suicidal. All units notified of her description and the motor vehicle she is driving.

Male requests we check on his brother on Governors Drive as he may be suicidal. Subject transported to Whidden Hospital via Action Ambulance on a Section 12.

Party from Seal Harbor requesting we locate his wife as she has threatened suicide. After contacting Verizon wireless, Google Earth and State Medford, she was located at the Lawrence Memorial. Husband notified. 

Wednesday, May 23

Party reports a male down inside Jac’s Ice Cream. Party is now conscious and breathing. WFD and EMS notified.

Principal of WHS reports vehicles speeding up and down honking their horns. Units advised to monitor the area.

ACO requested a cruiser respond to Otis Street to assist him as he was just attacked by a dog. Officer reports information gathered from the dog owner and a citation was issued by ACO. 

Thursday, May 24

Female walked into the station to report she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend who is living in East Boston. BPD will respond to his address and place him under arrest for us if he comes home. BPD called to report that they have suspect in custody. Officers Feeley and McCarthy to pick him up. Charges: domestic assault and battery, indecent assault and battery on person and breaking and entering in nighttime for felony.

Officers report three possible shoplifters at 7-Eleven. Clerk at store does not want to press any charges.

Manager of Crystal Cove Inn called to report woman yelling and acting unbalanced. W91 and W100 respond and request fire and ambulance. Subject volunteered to go to the hospital. Peace restored.

Tortoise found in the middle of Cross Street. Was picked up and placed over by Lewis Lake.

Party came to report while she was staying at the Hampton Inn in NH, a male and female contacted the front desk in an attempt to obtain her receipt of stay. The female caller provided an e-mail address which belongs to her husband and received the requested information. Caller reports she is in divorce proceedings and was advised of her 209A rights. 

Friday, May 25 

Party reports three students left the middle school. He has notified the parents. He reports they were last observed walking out of town into East Boston.

Reports of two vehicles operating erratically. Stated it appears that a red Taurus is chasing a black Mercedes. Last seen going over the Revere Street hill.

Party came to report she was verbally abused by pharmacist’s girlfriend while at work. She requested the matter be placed on record and will pursue a harassment prevention order should it continue in the future.

Caller reports kids going onto beach to drink at end of Cottage Park Road.

Kids tearing up the new Dawes Playground. No damage. Group of eight playing on equipment. They were told park was closed and to leave.

Kids yelling in the street on Waldemar Avenue. Caller reports they are trying to get a girl into a car but he can’t see plate or what kind of car because he is 50 yards away. One female juvenile brought home to parents on Shirley Street.

Saturday, May 26

Landlord/tenant dispute on Revere Street. Both parties called and stated the other threatened them. One came to the station to file a complaint.

Party reports someone passed out in the Silver Clean Laundromat. WFD notified.

Male party reports that someone spray painted a Latin Kings symbol on his front door on River Road.

Caller on Shirley Street reports her husband is getting out of hand. Units report verbal only. Husband left for the night.

Report of man and woman yelling for help at Ingleside Park. 98 reports area search negative.

Caller reports kids lighting fireworks on Franklin Street. 92 reports area search negative.

Sunday, May 27

Multiple 911 calls of heavy smoke showing on Marshall Street and house on fire. All units respond along with WFD. Two fully engulfed car fires in driveway that has extended to the residence. State Fire Marshall was notified by WFD and responding from Saugus.

Caller reports her fence was vandalized over night on Franklin Street. W93 reports a red line spray painted across white fence.

Monday, May 28

Female caller reports someone vandalized her planter in front of her store in the Center. Value $300.

Male came in to report the fire alarm is hanging over the ATM machine in the Citizen Bank’s lobby. WFD left message with someone in Winthrop and a message was left with Atlas Alarm.

Male states that he is still allowed in his apartment on Revere Street until the 30th. He just noticed that his laptop and camera are missing as well as some money  his son stashed away. Ferullo will investigate his claim. Unable to determine if there is any proof of theft. However, Ferullo will file a report on what was said by both parties.

Kids getting out of hand at Skate Park. Girl was beat up by other girls. Parents on scene. Three females brought to station for parental release. Hearing on the assault charge.

Tuesday, May 29

Detail officer Brown reports a needle on the ground on Revere Street. Officer will place it in the cruiser Sharps container.

Female came to the station to report she had her pocketbook stolen while at the CVS.

Party came to the station to report someone hacked into her Facebook page. They erased everything and sent out a message asking people to send her money so she can get back home as she is stranded in Madrid.

Woodside Hardware called to state he caught a male shoplifting. The male did not get any items and was told never to come back. He wanted this on record.

Reports of a raised water cap on Nahant Avenue that is a hazard. DPW clerk heard the radio transmission and called to inform us that she would let Mr. Calla know it was a problem again as they have tended to this site several times. Spoke with Calla directly as well regarding the immediacy of the problem for public safety.

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