$1 Billion Casino: Tuttle Makes Impressive Presentation

If we had to use two adjectives to describe Suffolk Downs Chief Operation Officer Chip Tuttle’s presentation to the Winthrop Town Council, we would say, “Impressive and exciting.”

Tuttle appeared before the Town Council to talk about Suffolk’s $1 billion casino resort complex that would go forward if Suffolk receives one of the casino licenses from the State Gaming Commission. Tuttle, who has a strong background in journalism (he was a highly respected writer for the Salem News) and the thoroughbred racing industry, gave a thorough talk about the positive benefits that a casino would bring to the area. Tuttle clearly understands what the concerns (traffic, public safety) of Winthrop residents would be and it had to be gratifying to the Council members and the thousands of residents who will watch the broadcast on WCAT to hear that Suffolk intends to invest tens of millions of dollars in improving the traffic flow in areas that directly affect our residents.

The exciting part of the presentation had to be the staggering numbers that Tuttle illuminated upon in his remarks. It starts with the $1 billion investment right next door to Winthrop, the 13,000 permanent jobs that will be created, and the expected gross revenues (which could hit $1 billion annually) of which 25 percent will go to the state.

Tuttle concluded his presentation by answering questions from the councillors and Winthrop residents in a direct and thorough fashion. Chip said he will keep Winthrop residents abreast of all plans related to the casino. It was a great first meeting between the Suffolk Downs leader and our Council and like all residents across the Commonwealth, we look forward to watching the whole casino process unfold.

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