Paul Caruccio Announces for State Rep.

Paul Caruccio

Paul Caruccio earlier this week submitted his certified signatures to officially qualify as a candidate for State Representative for the 19th. Suffolk District. As a result of Caruccio’s highly successful signature drive, he obtained more signatures than the Secretary of States office is permitted to accept. This was accomplished in one short month and well before the state mandated deadline.

This legislative seat covers all of Winthrop and parts of Revere. Caruccio’s decision to accept the challenge of running for State Representative is the result of resounding support from individuals of the communities of Winthrop and Revere. “Virtually everyone I have spoken with has expressed dissatisfaction with the current leadership on Beacon Hill and the lack of leadership choice,” said Caruccio. Caruccio is committed to providing that much needed choice and to restoring balance to state and local decisions affecting the communities of Winthrop and Reverve.

Paul Caruccio’s message is nonpartisan and reflects the interests of both democratic ideals coupled with true fiscal responsibility. He is a strong advocate for term limits for all elective officials, secure communities legislation to protect all citizens ( the current legislature refused to pass this legislation earlier this year) and  timely improvements to our beaches and communities. Additionally, Caruccio advocates for tighter control over state spending which increased by 19% or $5.6 billion over the last four years and at a time of extreme economic malaise. Caruccio’s opponent voted against legislation to cap spending increases. Paul Caruccio is also opposed to a local casino; however he is cognizant of the imperative of mitigation efforts specifically earmarked for Winthrop, as well as Revere, as a contingency.

The citizens of Revere and Winthrop deserve a voice that will represent their true values and Paul intends to deliver it.

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