Police Blotter 04-26-2012

Tuesday, April 17 

Alarm goes off in Winthrop Yacht Club. Manager on scene..all checked out okay.

Walk in report that a pocketbook was stolen out of a car. Reporting party called back to report that she found her pocketbook.

Caller reports finding a blue/white Schwinn mountain bike in front of 42 Centre St., reports brining bike to the station and putting it inside sally port.

Caller reports his son is not feeling well and need to be seen by medical personal.

Caller reports an Akita dog is wandering around without a leash. Animal control notified and will respond.

Caller reports a male is lying face down in the grass.

Officer reports someone has dumped a large amount of yard waste in the municipal lot down the center area. Winthrop DPW notified of the illegal dumping.

Man trying to break down a door. Male occupant will be checked and transported.

Wednesday, April 18 

Caller requests an ambulance for her husband who is having chest pains.

Caller reports a hit and run. Grey/silver Honda accord with three or four kids in it, took off towards Magee’s corner after hitting victim’s car. No plate, minor damage.

Female reports son was mugged and head is bleeding. Second call reports a gun was used in assault and armed robbery. Two black males with black hoodies fled on foot.

Report of an assault and battery took place at the corner of Brookfield and Pleasant.

Thursday, April 19

Caller reports woman screaming. Units report speaking with the resident and area is quiet.

Multiple calls of a woman in the street crying and screaming. Officers checked area, female could not be located.

Female caller reports water bubbling at the intersection. Checked the area and reports a little dripping from the valve where they will soon be working.

Caller reports kids going up and down knocking over barrels, throwing some into the street.

Male caller reports that at the top of Dean Ave. cars are almost obstructed from passing. He said he had to scrape his car on some bushes in order to pass.

Mother reports her juvenile daughter has not come home. Missing persons report made out.

Friday, April 20 

Party reporting sewerage is backing up into his residence. Officers notified.

Receptionist reports elderly male fell out front. Fire dept. and EMS notified. Party transported to the Whidden Hospital.

Party reports car was operating erratically coming into Winthrop from Revere. She observed it strike some cement barriers in the Beachmont section.

Party responds a very low hanging electrical line going into the their property. Fire Dept. notified and will investigate.

Party responds a black Toyota Corolla with 3 teens speeding around the area operating recklessly.

Caller responds intoxicated female bleeding. Units report party transported to Whidden.

Saturday, April 21 

Passenger calling from rear of a Boston taxi stating that he is having a dispute with the driver after paying the fare. Subsequent call from MSP reporting the taxi driver called and hung up.

Party reports a male with straggly hair wearing a beige top and gray pants entered property through bushes and does not reside there. Units located and subject sent out of the area.

Party reports drunken man on his stairway who refused to move. Party ran off toward Shore Drive after he called 911 line. Officer located subject on Cliff Ave. who appears to be walking fine.

Party came in to report her 7 year old daughter was bitten by a German Shepherd. Owner of the dog who informed her the dog escaped from her yard.

Paul Revere Bus Company reports 3 individuals giving the bus driver a hard time. Officers report the 3 subjects were trying to get their money together.

Sunday, April 22 

Caller reports he was walking his dog when two men got out of a Toyota Camry. He states one of then started to fire a handgun into the water.

Caller reports her roommates stole her friends prescription medication.

Caller reports loud party. Units report shutting down party for night.

Monday, April 23 

Caller reports couple walking back and forth yelling at each other.

Party reports someone left 6 bags of rubbish in front of his residence for the second week in a row.

Tuesday, April 24 

Resident came in with various credit cards that were strewn about her driveway. Officer Crisafi reports making contact with person and returning items.

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