Police Blotter 04-19-2012

Tuesday, April 10 

Caller from Myrtle avenue reports her vehicle was struck sometime last night while parked in front of her residence. Damage to the front driver’s side wheel well.

Female on Edward Street called to report that her and her mother are receiving calls from another female, the mother of the person she has a 209A on. Mother wants her son’s GPS. She was called and was told if she keeps up the calls she can be charged with witness intimidation. She was told if she wants the GPS to come to the station and we will set it up like any other 209A type item to be picked up.

Operator of motor vehicle on Bowdoin Street was stopped for a child not in a car seat. Operator’s license expired. G&J will tow.

EB Court faxed a warrant of apprehension for a male on Washington Avenue. His mother will assist and open the doors to the building and apartment. Officers report they have him under arrest without incident. W92 will transport him to the Court House.

Caller reports motor vehicle struck a telephone pole on Buchanan Street. W93 reports medical refused. Vehicle towed by G&J.

Report of a domestic assault and battery on spouse by a former patient on Sunnyside Avenue. Officer reports no one home at the time of his response.

Male called to state he needs his medication and cell phone from Nevada Street. Female called and she will put his belongings in a bag. Officer Crisafi will go and get his stuff and male was told to come and get his stuff at the station.

Male from Nevada Street came to the station to report charges for a past assault and battery occurring approximately one month ago. W92 reports charges unfounded based upon information provided.

Wireless E911 caller reports a small gray sedan operating erratically on Shirley Street. Partial plate given. W91 reports vehicle legally parked on Andrew Street to a party out of Andrew Street.

Reports of a syringe on Main Street. Located the item and deposited it in the sharps container.

Landlord on the third floor on Winthrop Street reports youths in the neighborhood trespassing on his property and ringing the bells. Caller has spoke to these individuals and put locks on the mail boxes and outside door to the multiple dwelling. They are now on his stoop and running in his yard. W91 officer DeCarlo along with W94 Lt. Scarpa responded and spoke with the kids causing the problem.

Requests 91 to make a notification to restraining order against male on Pleasant Street. Officers report leaving a note with the message for the male to contact Lt. DeLeo.

Lt. Scarpa reports two motor vehicles parked on Municipal Parking Lot on Putnam Street. Would like this lot checked during the overnight parking as a local auto body repair shop may be using this town sticker required parking lot to store their motor vehicles in.

Officer Bonavita reports that the sharps needle container is split open and needles are strewn about. Officer responded to the action base where the ambulance personnel assisted in cleaning up the spill and issuing to the officer a new contraband container.

W93 has motor vehicle stopped on Thornton Street with a suspended plate and operator’s license is suspended. There are three default warrants on the subject. Motor vehicle towed by G&J.

Male came to the station to report his red and white bicycle missing from Shirley Street address and has been missing for approximately three days. The bike is described as red and white with red rims and black spokes. Value of the bicycle is approximately $300.

Female reports a dispute there between a couple on Shore Drive. 92 Bonavita, 91 DeCarlo and 93 Callinan all responded and report couple verbally disputing over an upcoming move. Settled for now.

Received over Baypern Central District from Boston operations a radio report of a robbery there which occurred at Shawsheen Road in East Boston. The suspects were last seen on foot on Saratoga Street. They are looking for two Hispanic males wearing black hoodies. A weapon/gun was shown. Units notified. Received a call from a male on Marshall Street reporting a motor vehicle pulled up there. 

Wednesday, April 11 

Female caller reports living opposite the Landing and there is a dirt bike going around and around. Officers report speaking with someone in the area who reports the person left prior to their arrival.

Female caller from Shirley Street reports her husband needs medical treatment. WFD and ambulance notified. WFD requesting police inside the home because the husband isn’t cooperating. Officers report he is cooperating with medics. Ambulance transporting to MGH.

Caller reports white male on a bicycle approaching her asking for a cigarette, and believes he was attempting to steal her pocketbook. Description given of a white male on a bicycle heading toward Shore Drive.

Call from the Housing Authority to report a drunk in the building on Golden Drive. Officers report he walked home.

CAUTION. Public Health caution. If a call comes in that someone has a “BAT” in their house, it is to be caught and not let out of the house. Should this call come in, call Animal Control to make the capture. If Mark is not around, call 617-983-6550. This is the Bureau of Disease Prevention.

Male from Nevada Street called to ask if he could go and get his belongings. What he has will take over 20 minutes. He was told a detail will be required. We called the female involved and left a message. She called back later and she is going to pack his stuff and leave it in the kitchen. She does not want to see him. She is going to allow him and an officer to go and pick up his stuff. He does not want to do this because he does not want her to touch his stuff. Stay tuned for more. He went to court and the Judge ordered that he be allowed to go the house and get his belongings. Officer Brown will stand by while he gets his own belongings. Male is now saying the silverware is his and the coffee machine. Female called and she stated all that is his is half of the silverware, the stereo, his clothes and bathroom items. If he claims other items are his, he can make a list and go to Court and they can both dispute them. Officer reports male has all his clothes, bathroom items, stereo and half the silverware. Only items of possible dispute would be the other half of the silverware and the coffee machine. Officer was there for one hour and 10 minutes.

Female on Shirley Street called to report a former cellmate of her ex-brother-in-law whom she has an active 209 against came by her home to visit her. Caller reports that the visitor who identified himself as out of Dorchester said that her 209 defendant told him to visit her and said that she was his wife. Caller just wanted this logged. She said the visitor was a black male in this 40s. He was riding a bicycle. W91 and W92 checked the entire area for this individual who could not be located. DA called and notified us that they will follow up with the victim and her attorney.

Female from above requests we keep an extra eye on her house due to the earlier call there regarding a visit to her from a former cellmate of her ex-brother-in-law whom she has an active restraining order on. Officers directed patrols of this property on Shirley Street and the area.

Female from Seal Harbor reports her husband is taking the kids. Wants to file a contempt charge. W91 Ferullo, 92 Brown and 93 Bonavita all responded and report. WFD requested at the scene. Father has child age four female. He is the father and has an emergency custody order for her. The other child, age 2 female, is with husband in Nahant. He has custody order of her. Mother just came out of rehab for three months. She is being evaluated. Father’s order dropped off at the station and placed in miscellaneous file. All units clear. Advised of all options including further medical assistance. 

Thursday, April 12

Caller from Revere Street states that she heard several loud bangs downstairs and believes someone may have tried to break in. Units report checking entire dwelling and finding old damage to the basement door. All others secured and undamaged.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue reports male and a friend are tinkering with a navy blue motor vehicle parked near the area. Officers requested query on the vehicle as well as the operator. No WMS activity on either party. The motor vehicle was being worked on by the owner’s son and a friend.

The Gorman School called requesting we send an officer by on Trident Avenue to check on the mother. She has not picked up her child since 1:20 p.m. Officer reports no answer at the home. The school was notified.

Boston PD requesting assistance with two breaking and entering suspects that fled to the Belle Isle Marsh area. Updated location is Leverett Avenue and Bennington Street area which is on the city of Revere and Boston line. Boston notified.

Landlord on Summit Avenue called regarding tenant smoking pot in the hallway. Tenant would not answer door. Unit spoke to the landlord.

Caller reports when her ex picked up his things the other day on Nevada Street, he took her necklace. Value $500. She will take action in Court.

Friday, April 13 

ACO VanBuskirk is responding to a report of a coyote on the walkway at Deer Island acting strangely.

Female party came into the station reporting while walking along Shirley Street near Bayview Avenue, a male subject was passing by in his motor vehicle and stopped. He told her to stop feeding the feral cats. She finds this to be very  upsetting and stated she has had incidents in the past with this subject regarding various matters but wanted this placed on file.

Party from Seal Harbor would like to be on the lookout for his wife who may be operating under the influence at this time. He is not sure about her whereabouts but would like to BOLO for her. She drives a green car, no plates given.

Party observed a white and tan pit bull type dog roaming the streets near Edgehill Road. ACO notified and will respond.

Report of kids playing basketball in the street near Wave Way Avenue. They are running back and forth as well as banging the street signs. He is concerned someone is going to be struck by a vehicle. Officer reports. Kids have nerf football. Ongoing neighborhood dispute.

Party from Edward Street reports she has received a single hang-up call from her number. Nothing was said and the party hung up. It is registered to her former boyfriend’s mother.

Two calls of a man down at Bolster Service Station. WFD notified.

Removed 12 youths blocking store entrance at Energy To Go. No loitering signs are up over the doors and windows.

Bus driver walked in requesting we remove two youths from the bus. Officer had two high school age teens leave the bus.

Saturday, April 14 

Caller requests an officer due to a past break at his home on Prospect Avenue. The house is under construction.

Reports of a very large group gathered on beach at Bayview Avenue causing a disturbance. Units responded and report sending group out of the area.

Caller reports a group of youths acting as if they are about to fight on extension of Temple Avenue. Officer McCarthy reports contacting several parents who will respond to pick up their children.

Part reports someone inside Energy To Go is taking a seizure. WFD and EMS notified.

Central Dispatch reports alarm activation for the door at the admin building. Officer reports door left unlocked but nothing appears out of order inside the building. Housing supervisor is responding to secure the building.

Caller from Nevada Street reports her ex-boyfriend has violated the restraining order. Party will bring in printed copies of the facebook messages left by  her ex-boyfriend after 10 p.m. this evening.

Someone requests an officer respond for an argument that’s taking place over parking in the area of Winthrop Street. Officers report speaking to all parties and advising them that the HP placard that someone affixed to a fence on private property is not enforceable by the police.

Juvenile female reports finding a syringe in the area of Lewis Lake. 93 secured it.

Party found a LG cell phone in cemetery foot path near River Road and brought it to the station. Placed under the front window counter.

Female from Woodside Avenue called to report husband is drunk and out of control. Units report one under arrest. Charges: domestic assault and battery.

Caller reports man slumped over the wheel at Ace Woodside Hardware parking lot. Officer requests a taxi going to Revere.

Party from Belcher Street reports missing jewelry from her home. She will come in with a list at a future date.

Concierge from Seal Harbor reports screaming from one of the apartments. Officer report two roommates “horsing around”. No service necessary.

Caller reports multiple youths going in and out of a house with alcohol on Bartlett Road. Officers dispersed large group from the house. Peace restored.

Sunday, April 15 

Reports of a coyote running around the River Road area as well as the cemetery area. ACO notified.

Party requested the police for a dispute with the neighbor on Douglas Street. Officers mediated the dispute.

Mother reports she locked her child in the car at T&T Convenient. Unit standing by for AAA.

Party reports finding an abandoned bike near Brewster Avenue. Officer will bring to station for safe keeping. Blue and black boys’ Mongoose bicycle secured in the Sallyport.

Female party called to report her father’s veteran medallion was stolen from his grave site at Belle Isle Cemetery. They also stole the medal plaque. She states that it appears as if more were stolen from other headstones. Cemetery Department notified.

Caller reports finding a wallet in the street near the High Tide. W93 Jaworski sent to recover the wallet. Brought to the station and inside was $878 U.S. currency and several cards and such belonging to a male on Shirley Street. Detective was able to locate owner and return the wallet.

Female caller reports people out in their yard on Hutchinson Street with large fire sparks going all over the place. She would not give her name nor did she have the exact address (yellow house). WFD notified and Cpt. Flanagan reports nothing out of the ordinary. Caller advised.

Caller reports large group acting up on Shirley Street and causing a disturbance. W93 responded and reports group sent out of area.

Mother called and reports a group of kids are bothering her and her kids. Units report speaking to all parties. Advised of their rights.

A call from a mother of a male throwing a can at a her daughter. She will take this up with the school, but would like it noted.

Caller reports loud argument on Bellevue Avenue. They reported they heard a woman screaming for somebody to call the police. Units report speaking with family members and part of the family will be leaving the home for the present time.

Report of somebody stealing clothing that was left in the foyer on Washington Avenue.

Det. Jaworski requested a license check on  taxi driver who has been operating a Viking Cab. Citation will be issued.

Caller reports neighbor causing a disturbance on Cottage Avenue. Units report ongoing neighbor dispute and he spoke with the tenant who will turn down her music and try to be quieter.

Party reports the upstairs tenant made a threat to him last night on Sagamore Avenue and he would like to speak with a police officer.

Monday, April 16

Male reports that his motor vehicle was stolen while parked in front of his house on Hawthorn Avenue sometime after 10 p.m. Entered into CJIS and NCIC.

Caller from previous stolen vehicle reports locating his vehicle on Grovers Avenue. W93 responds and reports vehicle found intact and undamaged with keys in ignition. Stolen vehicle report cancelled in CJIS and NCIC.

Reports of a black motorcycle with the rider wearing a black helmet refused to stop for him. Officer lost sight of bike on Shirley Street. Officer reports the license plate was turned around concealing the number. After speaking with several citizens, W92 located the motorcycle on Pearl Avenue.

Caller from Marlborough reports she is the manager of a party living in Winthrop who was fired and he has not returned the motor vehicle which is a fleet vehicle owned by DL Patterson. Caller states the employee reports that the vehicle was towed by us. Located the tow but it was back in January and G&J still has the vehicle. Manager was told that the owner was sent a letter and that they should contact the towing company.

Caller reports a girl is being carried by others at the field at Cross Street. She just fell off a bench. He thinks someone could be hurt. W92 Lt. Scarpa was passing by and located the female who stated that she was getting a “piggy back” ride by others there and all is well.

W94 Scarpa reports he will be bringing in a juvenile male to the station to contact his parents. Scarpa reports the male was going inside the school buses parked on Cross Street. Juvenile was picked up at the station by his adult sister whom Scarpa spoke to regarding the situation.

Reports on Governors Drive that downstairs neighbor came up and started screaming and yelling and swearing. Officers report it is a disagreement between two tenants over noise levels. Officers spoke to the parties. A hearing will be set up and more information revealed of an alleged assault and battery.

An attempted to entice an elderly female on North Avenue into giving money to a federal gaming commission. This is a scam and the caller had a West Indies accent.

Alarm going off at Winthrop YC. 93 Carter reports that the manager is on the scene and all checked out okay.

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