Fazio Becomes New Owner of Wyatt Mobil Gas Station

New business owner Michael Fazio displays one of the free vacuum stations at Wyatt Mobil.

Michael Fazio, president of Fazio Enterprises, has signed a 25-year lease with Atlantic Realty Trust to own and operate the Wyatt Mobil Gas station and car wash, and the adjacent Mobil Mart convenience store located at 30A Main Street in Winthrop, part of Route 145 that leads into East Boston.

The property sits next to the popular Dunkin’ Donuts store on Route 145.

A successful businessman who has owned and operated more than 80 gas stations, car washes, and oil change stores in his 40-year career, Fazio has begun to implement changes at the Wyatt Mobil site, notably at the car wash.

Fazio, 62, has remodeled the existing car wash facility and lowered the price of a basic car wash from $7 to $3. At the individual car wash self-service bays, customers can now start the wash with one quarter, as opposed to a $2.50 minimum price.

“We’ve put in all new equipment and upgraded the facility,” said Fazio. “We’ve taken the latest concept in washing cars, installed it in the [car wash] tunnel, and then dramatically changed the pricing structure.”

Fazio has installed brand new state-of-the-art vacuum stations on the property that can be used free of charge by people who have purchased a car wash.

“We’re trying to make car washing more affordable to everybody,” said Fazio. “We expect people to come here more often and we’ll overwhelm them with  free vacuuming. We’re giving value on top of value – that’s what this is all about.”

Fazio said he learned about the leasing opportunity at Wyatt through his ownership of the Mobil Gas station located across the street from Jeveli’s Restaurant in East Boston. He also owns gas stations in Beverly and Medford.

Fazio has also added a wider selection of wines at Mobil Mart. He will retain his affiliation with Mobil for the gas station.

Fazio, 62, grew up in Woburn and attended Austin Prep where he was a classmate of former state senate President Tom Birmingham. He began his career in business by purchasing Sonny’s Car Wash in Lynn 1972.

Fazio lives in Boston and is married with three children.

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