Emerson Road Gets New Trees: School Committeeman Todd Sacco Leads Neighborhood Planting Effort

Emerson Road resident Todd Sacco and DPW Director Steve Calla stand adjacent to one of the 15 new trees that have been planted in the neighborhood.

Todd Sacco was a man with a plan and thanks to his efforts, Emerson Road is now a street with  new trees.

After Hurricane Irene hit Winthrop last August and felled some old trees on Emerson Road, Sacco decided to ask his neighbors if they would be willing to donate funds to help replace the trees as part of the Winthrop Department of Public Works tree-planting program.

Sacco contacted DPW Director Steve Calla who embraced the idea and coordinated the tree-planting project through the town’s sponsorship program.

“We were able to plant 15 semi-mature trees  (pear, zelkova, and ginkgo) on both sides of our street,” said Sacco. “Our message to the Winthrop community is that we can improve the greenery of our town if we all work together. Steve Calla was most gracious and eager to help me get this project off the ground.”

Calla said he was pleased to assist Sacco with his proposal, adding that the Emerson Road neighborhood’s tree-planting concept was unprecedented in the town during his tenure.

“I welcomed it because it was a great opportunity to get a lot of trees planted quickly whereas Todd came to me with neighborhood support as opposed to an individual situation,” said Calla. “This street took a big hit in Hurricane Irene and we wanted to replenish. A lot of trees came down during that storm.”

Calla lauded Sacco for his efforts.

“His efforts were outstanding,” said Calla. “The program worked out much better than I anticipated. I was looking at six to eight new trees and Todd and his neighbors doubled that and I commend them for that.”

Calla said the largest of the new trees will grow to 25-35 feet tall. “The trees will leaf out this spring and bloom fully next year.”

Calla said there are many locations throughout the town that are eligible for the tree sponsorship program. Interested residents can contact him at DPW headquarters.

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