Police Blotter 03-15-2012

Tuesday, March 6

Party from Nahant Avenue reports her alarm just went off and she believes she heard someone trying to get in her basement door. Officers reports that door has not been breeched and they will be checking a neighbor’s house out. The neighbor is away and a light is on. House is all secure.

E911 wireless call from Governor’s Drive. WFD notified. Party was transported to MGH and vehicle was secured by his wife.

Party from Pleasant Street requested medical aid for his father who is not responsive. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service. Officer requested for traffic control. Officer assisted WFD.

Officer reports an unattached wire is hanging from the pole in front of Clothes Encounter. WFD responded to assist. Verizon will be contacted by WFD regarding the wire.

Report of a deceased cat in a tree on Terrace Avenue. ACO notified and will check the area.

Party came in to report a violation of an active harassment prevention order. 92 will file a complaint application.

Male from Cutler Street reports he is being contacted by an ex-girlfriend who is calling his home by phone and making threats. Officer reports Marlborough PD did not have a file on whether or not she was served. Officer faxed over a fresh copy of the order to the Marlborough PD for service. Party was served in hand and they will fax a notice back to EBDC.

Boston PD requests we do a well being check on a female on Bellevue Avenue. Her family is concerned and requests we check on her. Officers report no answer at the door. WFD dispatched to force entry due to past history of calls.

14 year old party is in front of the Cummings School and is being bothered by another student. Officer reports a couple of 8th graders were having an issue with a couple of male students. Officers will attempt to locate them. Officers spoke to the assistant principal Burke who will follow up on the situation.

Party reports a black Honda being operated by a female just went over onto the curb in the area near the bus stop on Shirley Street. He was unable to provide any additional pertinent information and hung up when asked for his identity.

Male on Locust Street requesting an ambulance for admission to a detox facility. WFD notified.

Caller from Governors Park reports three males smoking pot and they do not belong there. Officer spoke with them and did not observe any drug violations.

Party at Nick’s Place requests an officer to assist him. There was a minor motor vehicle accident and the other driver won’t give him his information. Officer reports.

Smoke alarms sounding from Fort Heath Apartments. Transferred to WFD and they are responding.

Party on Golden Drive reports an on-going harassment by another female. She states the latest incident occurred last night at 11:30 p.m. and again shortly before she called the station. She wanted this logged and will contact the WHA office tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7

Winthrop Street resident called to report that his neighbor has  an expired inspection sticker. Officer reports vehicle cited.

Call from Highland Avenue of a blocked driveway. Detail officer reports the truck is not blocking the driveway and the person in question has left.

Fire Department was on an alarm call on Kennedy Road. Officer reports there were several vehicles illegally parked in the area. Officer tagged two and others moved.

Court called to report there is a warrant of apprehension coming for a person on Court Road. There is also a warrant in the WMS system for him. Officers report they have him in custody. Charges are: assault and battery.

Caller from Shirley Street reports smoke in the building. Advised to evacuate the premise and await the arrival of the WFD. W-93 reports food on the stove.

Caller from Washington Avenue reports strong odor of gas in the home. Advised to exit the premises and meet the WFD outside.

The Chief reports receiving information that there was a bag of crack left on Crest Avenue. W-92 responded to retrieve the contraband and brought it to the station to be handled by the 94C officers.

Caller from Main Street called to report a former girlfriend of his daughter is coming to his home and yelling and swearing and causing problems. All parties were advised of their rights and no crimes involved at this time.

Call from Winthrop Arms that someone fainted. WFD notified.

Andover PD asks to notify someone from Sagamore Avenue as his 7 year old is at their station without an adult. Armistead made contact with a relative and they will have him contact Andover ASAP.

Reports of an alarm sounding at the Middle School coming from the cafeteria. Units reports attendees of the park and rec meeting were just leaving from the rear of the cafeteria door of the building and the custodian is still inside. All OK.

Thursday, March 8

Reports seeing flames and smoke coming from the utility pole where the power outage originated last Sunday on Revere Street. WFD notified us that National Grid is on the way, possibly 25 minutes. Chief was notified of the outage. Areas appears to be out around the Middle School. Superintendent Macero was notified in the event he needs to cancel any classes for today should the power not be restored in time.

Call that someone just crawled through a window on Jefferson Street. Three officers responded. Repair man from Nahant said the front door was jammed so he climbed in the side window.

Officer Callinan requests an ambulance for a man who had fallen on the steps of the town hall.

Female caller reports there is an elderly blind male that appears to  need help. Officer reports she assisted him to the bus.

Reports of a blue mongoose was left against a fence on Ocean View Street. W-92 officer responded and brought the bicycle to the station.

Det. Jaworski reports he has a subject in a receiving stolen property case from Thornton Park.

Medford Police reports male violated a 209A order by calling his ex-wife. They would like us to pick him up. Two officers report suspect not at home or in the area. Motor vehicle not there either.

Male from Pauline Street came to the station to request we keep a watch on his property over night as a contractor dropped a load of materials off outside his property and he is concerned that they could be taken overnight.

Friday, March 9

Detail officer needs a vehicle moved on Shirley Street as it is in a work site. Vehicle listed out of Malden. No one home. G&J will move it a few spaces.

Female from Centre Street called to report an elderly lady is walking around on her property. Officers report the woman may have lived there years ago. She may now live on Golden Drive. Officer will look for her. Could not locate subject.

Officer will try to serve male on Shirley Street a 209-A issued by the Chelsea Court. He reports handing it in hand at the station.

Female from Ocean Avenue came to the station with a 209-A just issued by the East Boston Court. Officer Donnellan will try to serve him over the phone as he keeps calling female. Calls go to an answering machine. No service yet. Male was served in hand when he came to the station at 2:28 p.m.

Officer reports tagging two illegally parked vehicles and six moved on Kennedy Road. All not too happy.

Call from Revere Street that police and medical are needed. Officers report one going to MGH.

Party on Winthrop Street came in to report her upstairs neighbor continues to harass her with loud noises at all hours of the night. Neighbor has eight children possibly creating the noise. Party wanted a journal entry for further court proceedings.

Caller reports he has struck some wires with his truck on Morton Street. Officer Brown responded and reports possibly telephone or cable wire tied off at pole.

Officer Brown escorted party on Ocean Avenue to retrieve personal items after being served a 209A. Female requests checks in the area for safety purposes.

Lt. Scarpa reports kids waiting for a booze buyer on Winthrop Street. Officer Jaworski and Racow located three juveniles near high school. Brought to the station for an adjustment and parents notified.

Reports from a male that he and his roommate on Shore Drive have been locked out by the landlord. He states that he is not on the lease and that he doesn’t know the landlord’s name.

Transfer from the State with an hysterical female caller on Cliff Avenue of an unconscious male. WFD notified and 92 and 93 responded. State called back with the female again looking for medical instructions for the female. Call transferred to fire.

Caller reports a car just crashed into the American Legion building on Hermon Street. Transferred to fire. Four parties transported to MGH. Motor vehicle struck a gas line. National Grid was notified by fire and fire checked the building for any leaks.

Reports from Edgehill Road that someone is possibly siphoning gas from a motor vehicle in his neighbor’s driveway. W-91 and W-93 responded and all was clear.

Saturday, March 10

Stoneham Police called to report that two Winthrop residents were trespassed from a location in Stoneham for dumpster diving for scrap metal.

Animal Control reports a deceased cat is hanging from a tree on Terrace Avenue.

Caller reports that a red motor vehicle has a lot of smoke coming from the vehicle on Bartlett Road and it may be a fire. WFD notified.

Female on Bayview Avenue reports an attempt to gain access into her computer through a “windows” contact. She states it is a fraud.

Female fell on sidewalk at Citizens Bank. WFD and 92 Donnellan report. Patient got up and is on her way.

Female on North Avenue called to report male at the end of the street tried to hit her with his truck when she motioned for him to slow down because kids were playing in the street. Lt. Scarpa responded and spoke to all parties and no crime. All parties advised of their rights.

Caller reports she and her husband are locked out of their home on Wave Way Avenue. W-93 verified ID and fire responded.

Two female roommates from Executive Apartments in a dispute. Officers report assisting one getting her belongings and she will leave.

Father from Sagamore Avenue called to report his daughter has taken a bunch of pills and her doctor said she should go to the hospital right away. While doing the transfer to fire, the father informed us that the daughter just ran out of the house and drove off. All units notified along with the state police in Revere. Father called back to report daughter is back and he is taking her to the ER himself.

Caller reports there is a group of youths near his building in the parking lot behind Winthrop Marketplace. They may be smoking something and he is afraid of vandalism to his property. Officers report a few with skateboards sent out of the area.

Someone called from Magee’s Corner to report youths fooling around jumping in front of cars and soliciting money from people passing by.

Male caller reports seeing a coyote running up Hale Avenue. Animal Control notified.

Winthrop Arms employee reports a red Durango and black pick-up in a road rage. All units BOLO. 94 Dalrymple reports surrounding area all clear.

Mother called to report a coyote is outside her car on Pebble Avenue and she is afraid to take her baby out of the car. Units assist the caller into the house with her child. Animal was not in the area. AC has been notified.

Female neighbor reports there may be an underage party going on on Pleasant Street. She sees kids going in and out and carrying stuff. Officers report large house party. One in custody. Charges: Two counts of possession of liquor of person under 21 years old.

Father came to the station to report that his 15-year old daughter was supposed to be home at 8:30 tonight after eating over a friend’s house on Bellevue Avenue. His daughter is not answering her phone and he is worried. She is in the 10th grade at WHS. Units notified.

Friend contacted and informed us that she was last seen leaving Energy To Go at 6:00 p.m. with two male friend. Another male friend contacted and he stated he has not seen her for a while.

Sunday, March 11

Officers requested more units to Bartlett Road. Kids loitering. Officers report all parties advised of their rights. Neighbor’s fence damaged, but he will talk with the father of person involved.

Officer reports observing two large dogs in the cab of a pickup truck on Summit Avenue. K-9 contacted and will respond to check the well being of the canines. Animal Control officer reports that the vehicle is secure and access cannot be gained. Animals appear to be okay. Will cite owner of vehicle for barking dogs. K-9 reports locating the owner of the pickup truck who brought the dogs inside the residence.

Father in previous incident, called to inquire any developments concerning his missing daughter. He still has not heard from her and she hasn’t returned home. No new developments at this time. Officer Dalrymple was able to locate the missing girl at a friend’s house and has returned her to her parents.

Party reported to Officer Delehanty that she was walking in the area behind the school and could hear a hissing noise coming from a white pipe that runs from behind the school toward Golden Drive. Officer reports smelling gas in the area and is requesting WFD respond to further investigate the situation. National Grid contacted as well as the custodian. Entrance made into the building to further investigate.

Party came to report an ongoing neighbor issue on North Avenue as well as motor vehicle parking issues. Party was advised and will call if it continues. Units advised to make frequent checks of the area.

Male called from out of the country stating his van was parked near the auto body shop on Shirley Street to have some work done. He was advised the windows were broken out. Van has since been moved inside the shop and will be repaired as well. Calling party believes he is being targeted by someone.

Party reports a male dressed in a white t-shirt is out front of Energy To Go begging for gas money. Subject denied asking for money and has since been sent out of the area.

Monday, March 12

Party in front of Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street reports he was involved in a verbal dispute over his rights with an individual regarding President Obama. He did not wish to record his identity at this time and will keep his distance from the demonstrator(s).

Female came in to report several unauthorized charges on her Citi MasterCard and Bank of America visa debit card as well as her elderly mother’s credit card. She reports the charges occurred at Nick’s Place and Paesan’s from January 2012 through March 6, 2012 totaling approximately $332.92. She suspects her sister(s) are the culprits based upon information she has obtained. She has cancelled all the cards and will follow up with the card bank carriers.

Party reports someone has a table set up in front of Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street and it is blocking the public sidewalk. Officer reports speaking with the party who will remove the table.

Female party reports she received a phone call from California regarding bogus criminal charges against her. She was advised it is most likely a scam in an attempt to obtain money.

Probation Officer came to the station to report party with warrant on Shore Drive. Units repot unable to locate party.

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