Police Blotter 03-08-2012

Tuesday, February 28

Husband and wife came to the station to report her vehicle was vandalized on Dolphin Avenue.

Caller from Shirley Street, reports possibly dark male asleep in the common hallway. Units report subject needs help from some Social Service. We will make some calls.

Call of a past break on Shirley Street. Officer reports checking films and checking for prints.

Call from a visiting nurse. Her patient on Golden Drive needs an ambulance. Fire notified.

Caller reports her parked motor vehicle on Terrace Avenue was struck sometime over the evening hours. W-94 reports damage sustained to rear, passenger-side quarter panel.

Father came to the station to report his son has not been seen or heard of since late November last year. Subject is not in our system and has no B.O.P. Missing Person sent out.

Caller is the owner of property on Banks Street. National Grid is trying to gain access to one of the apartments but the caller states that the tenants are causing a problem, creating a disturbance and refusing to let National Grid enter. Officers advise that this is a civil matter and both parties have been advised of their rights.

A 209-A was issued to a male on Shirley Street. It was served in hand at the Court House.

Caller reports man in a white pick-up truck has been parked in the same spot on Waldemar Avenue for hours. W-93 reports speaking with operator, and everything checks out.

Detail officer reports receiving information from a citizen of a male, approximately 20 years old, who may be under the weather. He is walking inbound on Main Street, and fell. W-92 checked the length of Main Street and no one in the area. W-93 reports locating a male party at Walden and Main and assisted in bringing the party home to Lincoln Street.

Reports of a fox or coyote on Shore Drive. Officer Hickey reports it is a couple of coyotes.

Someone reported a cat was hit by a car on Shirley Street and appears to be injured. Call given to animal control who will handle. AC VanBuskirk took custody of the injured cat and delivered it to Angel Memorial for treatment.

Wednesday, February 29

Boston EMS reports a male on Winthrop Street has made threats to harm himself. Units report voluntary to the Whidden.

Officers request a WMS check on one male on Argyle Street. Active warrant for that subject out of Malden. Units report subject placed in custody and transported for booking.

Report of a hypodermic syringe on the sidewalk underneath a no parking sign on Shirley Street. W-92 reports locating and disposing same.

Caller reports male slumped over the wheel of a running motor vehicle on Marshall Street. W-92 reports male just resting waiting for a friend.

Someone called to inform us that she was faxing over a 209-A order issued from Middlesex Probate Court today to be served to a male on Nevada Street. Officer reports he spoke with woman at that address who stated that the male was not home but she would tell him to call us when he returns. She also told the officer that he is aware of the active 209-A that was issued.

Male called for assistance in gaining entrance to his father’s home on Pleasant Street as he just passed away. Lt. Scarpa responded to the address to verify all ID and to speak with the family. They were advised what needed to be done.

Lt. Scarpa in W-94 observes heavy parking at the rink and surrounding streets. Inquiry made inside by him, it was revealed an MIAA Tournament girls hockey game hosted by the Winthrop team. He estimates between 250-300 people in attendance. No police officer present inside. Pete Gobiel contacted and stated he, superintendent and a couple of teachers are there for crowd control. Chief Delehanty notified.

Woman on Kennedy Road called who was having trouble breathing and to report that her toilet was overflowing and it was flooding her apartment. Transferred to fire who will handle.

Thursday, March 1

Male caller from Executive Apartments reports his girlfriend needs medical assistance. WFD and ambulance notified.

Caller from Tafts Avenue reports his female roommate is unresponsive. W-93 reports female appears to have fallen and hit her head. She was transported to Whidden.

Reports of noise coming from the pole at #32 on Crystal Cove Avenue. Transferred to WFD.

Friday, March 2

Caller from Beach Road reports that during the night a vehicle struck his house. He located the license plate from the vehicle at the scene. Officer reports recovering the license plate and was going to attempt to speak to the owner who resides around the corner. DPW notified to sand the street due to icy conditions. Officer spoke to the operator/owner of the vehicle. Photos were taken and will be attached to the report.

Female caller from Somerset Avenue reports it is very icy and there were almost several accidents. Steve Calla notified.

Female on one line and a male on the other complaining about a car pulling in too fast in the East Boston Savings Bank lot and the other saying he was trespassing on bank property. Officers report when the male was asked he would have to be in Court as a witness to the traffic violation he said forget it. All clear.

Caller requested an officer go by the High School to take a report from several school officials that were at the Hockey Game the other night.

Someone called for a person check on an elderly man that lives at Governors Drive. Caller states they have not seen the man in about a week. Officer reports he is away visiting his sister in North Carolina.

Male from Grovers Avenue came to report that several months ago, someone opened up an AT&T Phone account under his name. Culprit used the phone and charged up over $900 in user fees. Victim has cancelled the account.

Call from a female on Shirley Street to report a motor vehicle was all over the road, up on sidewalks and driving erratic. Officers report vehicle is parked and they are speaking to the owner. No sign of any intoxication. Appears to be an argument between operators. Both warned of the rules of the road.

Female from Winthrop Street came to the station while exchanging the children. While she was out front her ex-husband went up to her in the car and wanted to ask her about a business deal. She told him to leave and said she wanted nothing to do with it. He then walked to the front of her car and banged on the hood and swore at her. She stated he is now texting her. Was told if he continues, for her to come back and we can warn him. If he does not stop, then we can take him to Court for harassing calls.

Female called to report being attacked physically and verbally by a woman on Monday, February 27. Caller reports that she was at Winthrop Auto at approximately 6:45 p.m. to pay her repair bill and she was leaving the business with the owner when a woman identified as his wife came to the property and attacked her calling her vicious and derogatory names and scratched her face. Caller reports that the woman misinterpreted the situation thinking there was more than car business going on. Caller wanted this on the record in the event that something more occurs. She did not want to be identified or to give an address at this time;. She completed a victim/witness statement in the event she decides to seek charges for the assault and battery to her.

Caller reports he is at an event at the EB Newton and they opened the window because it was very hot inside and there is a very strong odor of natural gas. WFD notified.

Reports of not being able to get in touch with two female clerks at Twist and Shake. Owner is enroute as she will be helping them close. Units checked store and the telephone was unplugged as they were very busy.

Saturday, March 3

First floor tenant from Waldemar Avenue reports screaming coming from the second floor apartment. Officers report a male party from Burlington had left prior to their arrival and they are searching for him.

Caller from Hermon Street reports a car alarm going off and not resetting. W-94 tried to locate the owner of the vehicle but was unsuccessful. G&J towing notified and responding.

Party from EB Neighborhood Health called requesting WFD and ambulance for a female resident who has fallen and complaining of head and neck pain. Call transferred to WFD.

Party from Energy to Go requesting an ambulance for a party who passed out. WFD notified.

Father of the Medway goalie came to station to seek charges against the person who shined a laser in his daughter’s eyes. Officer took a supplemental report.

Two calls of a plate falling into the gas company hole number 92 on Winthrop Street and Centre Street. 92 reports putting cones around hole. National Grid notified.

Party from Trident Avenue called to cancel stolen motor vehicle report. She located said vehicle on Shirley Street.

Off-duty officer called to report several carloads of intoxicated subjects got out of their cars on Lincoln Street and were lifting the storm drain cover. Units report area clear and quiet upon arrival. Area search negative.

Sunday, March 4

Party from Lincoln Street reports the storm drain is lifted out of the street. DPW notified.

Someone reports a drunken female walking along Veterans Road. Officer reports a female party just got into a Viking Cab at that location.

Party from Thornton Park came in to report the theft of some jewelry from his home over a period of several weeks by a family member. He located the jewelry at a pawn shop/jewelry store in Revere. Party was advised to file a report but declined at this time. He will discuss the matter over with his wife and contact us should he decide to do so.

Son reports his mother’s home on Hillside Avenue smells like gas and there is smoke coming from the chimney. 93 reports a burner blowback.

Party reports a pornographic photo (hockey parent caught on tape) has been posted on Whispering Winthrop and requested we have it removed. Access for viewing is currently blocked by the Sonic Wall at this time. No victim has been identified at this time.

Someone reports the traffic light coming down from Highland Avenue wasn’t changing properly. Lights are cycling fine. Mike West called and stated that at that intersection, if the driver does not pull forward to the stop line, the sensor pad is not activated for the light and it does not change.

Caller reports a Spanish male checking in cars with a flashlight on Walden Street.

Monday, March 5

W-93 reports car stop on Revere Street at Governors Drive. W-92 responded. Operator  driving with license suspended. One in custody. G&J towed vehicle.

Party came into the station to report that someone had stolen her identity and filed their taxes under her social security number. Party filled out a victim/witness form which was placed on file.

Male reports his personal identifying information was used in Orlando Florida sometime in 2010. He was advised to follow up with the FTC.

Operator on Winthrop Street was stopped for violation and operator is currently under suspension. Motor vehicle was towed.

Walk-in from Thornton Park to report that his grandson stole multiple items from his house. Items are jewelry and a check from Bank of America. Check was cashed for $250. Party also reports finding the items in a store in Revere.

Party reports that his Sony Walkman MP player was stolen from his pocket by persons unknown on March 3. Item is worth $400.

Someone on Forrest Street reports portable door alarm that she installed are sounding and she believes someone is attempting entry. Officers report no sign of attempt. Defective alarms, not installed properly.

Caller from Nahant Avenue reports her alarm just went off and she believes she heard someone trying to get in her basement door. Officers report door has not been breeched and they will be checking a neighbor’s house out. The neighbor is away and a light is on. House is all secure.

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