Police Blotter 11-22-2011

Monday, November 14

Male reports his elderly mother is having some difficulty breathing. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party came in to report her motor vehicle was damaged on Bellevue Ave. due to the road conditions from the water main project. She reports her front passenger tire damaged and her radiator is now leaking due to the vehicle bottoming out. Was advised to file a claim through the DPW.

Rear entry interior and window alarm activation on Court Road. Detail officer working in vicinity spoke with the homeowner who reported everything is fine. Dispatched units cancelled enroute.

Party came in with two syringes with attached needles for disposal.

Someone from Viking Gardens reports noticing a screen damaged in another unit where there appears to be another attempted entry.

Female reports her motor vehicle was struck while parked on Main Street. She reports damage to her driver side tail lights.

Lynn PD reports recovering stolen motor vehicle entered by our agency on Nov. 11. No damage reported. Keys are in the vehicle. Owner contacted and will respond to the location in Lynn.

Party reports window was just “shot” with something at Energy to Go on Shirley St. Possibly with a bb gun which shattered it. Officer responded and reported.

Call of a man on Crest Ave. walking around all in black saying he is satan. Officer reports subject to Whidden voluntarily.

Tuesday, November 15

Party brought in a syringe with needle she found while walking on Deer Island. Placed in container for disposal.

Neighbor from Summit Ave. reports observing three males in their early 20s at the window of a house. When they observed him they walked to the rear of the building. Officers report no signs of a break-in or other activities. They were unable to locate the subject but will be on the lookout for three Hispanic males, one dressed in red hoodie and the other two in black clothes. Officers spoke with the first floor tenant and will walk through the apartment with her as she has no idea who would have been walking around the property. Officers report there is a possible break-in at Unit 1. The tenant’s brother entered the apartment through a window. There was no break-in. Family members entered the apartment through the window because the door was deadbolted shut.

Party reports a silver BMW parked on Sunnyside Ave. for a month without moving and he believes it may be abandoned. He reports the vehicle has several parking tickets affixed to it.

Walk-in to report that while she was leaving the Town Council meeting a woman approached her. The woman called her names, swore at her and put her finger in her face while screaming at her. When she went home there was an unknown car in the parking lot with someone inside it. The person turned off the cars’ headlights and watched her. Winthrop 93 will escort party home and make sure she gets into her home safely. Advised to call right away if anything else happens. Officer will go to Waldemar Ave. after to talk to the other person. Officer spoke to the other person and all parties will stay away from each other.

Wednesday, November 16

Caller reports a resident is incoherent on Shore Drive and may be under the influence. Voluntary transport for evaluation.

Someone reports a patient suffering a “code blue” at the health center on Sturgis St.

Caller reports his wife is having severe stomach pains and needs an ambulance on Sturgis St.

Male called reporting one of his clients fell on Pleasant St. and hit his head. Fire notified. Caller reports the address was 15 Pleasant St. on the first floor. When fire arrived there was no 15 Pleasant. Mapstar showed the call came from the area of 148 Pleasant St. Known home with clients at 152 which is where the incident was. W-92 assisted.

Someone reports that a car is parked on Shore Drive with its hazard lights on and has been there awhile. Caller was concerned that someone may need assistance. W-91 located the vehicle which was locked up. Woman’s purse inside. Spoke with car owner’s mother who will try to contact her daughter who is meeting with some people in the area.

Thursday, November 17

As a result of performing a directed patrol in Viking Gardens, officer reports stopping motor vehicle with revoked insurance. G&J will tow.

Man called to report on Bartlett Road, he just found his father-in-law lying on the floor. Fire notified.

Female on Burrill Ter. came to report a fraud on her credit card.

Call from 7-11 of a person down. Officers and fire department report diabetic reaction.

Female called from Wave Way to report someone is using her husband’s name as well as their telephone number. This came to their attention when they received a call from a car dealership. A number left by this impersonator with the car dealership was given and they just wanted this on the record if there are other identity problems. They were advised to check with the credit bureaus as well.

Female came in to report a dispute at East Boston Court with another female. Filed a victim/witness statement.

Someone called to report that at the building site at the Landing there is a lot of metal materials left unsecured and several males in a blue truck were looking at the items. Caller reports the truck had already left the area. W-93 checked the area and no one around. All units bolo’d to check the area.

Woman reports a dangerous driver on Revere St. All units bolo.

Neighbor reports apartment was broken into at Ft. Heath Apartments. Windows are open. The apartment was ransacked. Took photos and prints.

Friday, November 18

Two males came into the station to report an incident that occurred between the two at the Meat Market.

Officer reports locating male with two active warrants, both out of East Boston Court. Subject being taken into the station for booking.

Caller reports his wife bumped her head last night on Enfield Road and is requesting medical attention.

Call of a skinny red headed lady walking drunk near the Dunkin Donuts on Revere St. Officer reports are clear.

Possible break-in on Plummer Ave.

911 call to report from a woman in Randolph that her son may need medical assistance on Governors Dr. Fire and officers responded and reported fire fighters went through a window. Subject is in the apartment and they rendered him aid and report he is okey. He refused a transport.

Dispatcher called to request police as the driver of a bus reports a problem with a female on the bus. The bus is parked at the Holy Rosary Church. W-98 talked with the party who is known and a cab was called to assist the party home.

Attempt to serve 209 issued from the Probate Court on female at Executive Apts. Officer checked the area for the subject’s motor vehicle and it is not in the area.

Female came in to seek advice regarding her 15-year old son who was not following the rules of her home. She reports he is out tonight and states he is staying with a friend for the night. Mother doesn’t know who the friends are or where he is. He attends EB High and hangs out there and may be in East Boston. She will call back later if she wants to send out a missing person’s report in the event he doesn’t return home. Missing person’s form completed and signed. Mother called shortly after leaving the station to inform us that her son was picked up by her brother and all is OK.

Viking Taxi called to report a motor vehicle accident on Saratoga St. in East Boston. Units dispatched just in case. No sign of any accident from the bridge to Orient Heights.

Saturday, November 19

Caller reports an argument on Beacon St. between himself and his wife. Would like an officer to respond. Officer reports verbal only. All parties advised of their rights.

Caller from Golden Dr. reports wanting to go the hospital for evaluation. Fire notified.

Officer again will try to serve female at Executive Apts. Issued by the Suffolk Probate & Family Court. Reports no one is home.

Caller requests an officer to report a robbery that occurred on Shirley St. Officer reports victim stated she was robbed in Brockton and told to call or go to Brockton Police.

While on the directed patrol in Viking Gardens, officer has motor vehicle stopped for expired, non-registered plates. Citation issued. Vehicle placed off the road until it is made active.

Call from Myrtle Ave. to ask if an ambulance can be sent to Pebble Ave. for a medical aid. Fire notified.

Caller reports that he observed a hole cut in the chain link fence on the Governor’s Park side of the DPW yard behind 1100 Governors Dr. DPW director Calla states the hole was in face made by DPW and is not an act of vandalism.

Call of an unwanted guest at Governors Park. Units report male is acting bizzarely and request an evaluation. He is voluntarily admitted to Whidden.

Party reports car speeding down Beal Street. Plate came back to Veterans Road address.

Officer again got no response in trying to serve a 209 to female at Executive Apts.

Call from emergency room at Whidden Hospital stating that male stated that he had two weapons in the house. Spoke with his mother who stated that he has no weapons, he just always says he has them.

Sunday, November 20

Party reports a sailboat appears to be aground in the area of Grandview Ave. according to what he can see from Washington Ave. Call transferred to WFD to contact harbormaster.

Report of a 4×8 section of white picket fence on Dolphin Ave. was damaged sometime overnight.

Mother reports her son is having difficulty breathing on Chester Ave. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party requesting an ambulance for his wife who fell on Revere St. WFD notified.

Mother came in to report her daughter’s father sent her and her daughter a letter this past week from MCI Concord. She is concerned that he is attempting to communicate with them and reported she never extended the 209A order that was previously in effect. She was advised to seek a new 209A at the EB District Court.

Female reports her Metropolitan Credit Union debit card was left on the pharmacy counter at CVS. Unknown person picked it up and charged $2,000 fraudulently. She believes CVS has the video of the suspect.

Party came to station to report that the ATM at Citizens Bank did not dispense him money but did in fact take 103.50 out of his account. He contacted the bank and they asked him to report it to us.

Caller reports two men with black hoods hitting a bench with a hammer on Myrtle Ave. Officer report that there is no damage to bench.

Neighbor reports hearing his neighbors arguing. Officers report parents and adult child having an argument.

Officer stopped motor vehicle on Governors Dr. He reports operator has no driver’s license and is under arrest. Motor vehicle being towed by G&J Towing.

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