An Interesting Idea: Viewing Meetings on the Web

An interesting idea, first proposed by Council President Jeffrey Turco, is the possibility of televising all Winthrop town government meetings on the Internet so residents will be able to follow developments from the town’s committees and boards on an instantaneous basis.

Turco said the televising of all meetings is done in Sacramento, California, and it’s been a big success. Our Town Council seems to be on board with the idea. The thought of being home and being able to turn on your computer to watch a Traffic and Safety meeting has a lot of appeal for residents.

Certainly, there are many issues that will need to be resolved. Televising town meetings must be as on the same technical level as the work of WCAT, which presently broadcasts our Town Council and School Committee meetings. Issues ranging from sound quality to ensuring that the camera is on the person who is speaking at the meeting must be resolved.

But when and if this idea happens, we look for other communities to follow Winthrop’s lead.

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