Display of Excellence: Perfect MCAS Scores Are a Source of Pride for Our Schools

The ceremony honoring the 23 students who recorded perfect scores on the MCAS exam was evidence that great things are happening in classrooms throughout our school system and  is proof that our schools are providing the opportunity to thrive and excel under the direction of a dedicated teaching staff on a daily basis.

There was a real sense of pride in the Cummings School cafetorium as each student’s name was read and he/she accepted the congratulations from Superintendent of Schools John Macero, Town Council President and School Committee member Jeffrey Turco, School Committee Chairwoman Mary Lou Osborne, and School Board members Mark Rotondo, Todd Sacco, Brian Perrin, Bill Holden, and Melissa Polino.

It was an especially proud event for Bill Holden, whose son Will was one of the students being recognized for his perfect showing on the MCAS exam.

But as much as this was a great night for the students (and those handsome certificates will certainly look great in a frame or on the mantle) and their parents, credit has to go to our teachers who day-in and day-out try to bring out the very best in each and every student in their large classes, which is  no easy task.

Teachers are really the unsung heroes of our society, for it is they who set the foundation outside of the home from which all of our children’s lives move in a positive direction.

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