Political Pot Stirring: Gill Considering a Run for Council Presidency

The fallout from the controversial decision to bring a carnival to town without notice to anyone until a few days before the carnival opened continued this week with the announcement by long time resident Peter Gill that he may run for the Town Council Presidency.

We know Peter wasn’t happy about the recent carnival controversy. You may recall he left his home (where he was watching the meeting on cable television) to express his displeasure about the matter during the public speaking portion of the meeting. Was the carnival the issue that ultimately pushed Mr. Gill toward a run for council president or was he already contemplating a run before that?

Peter is a well-known individual with a long history in the town. His brother, Richard, served as precinct councilor on the Council and was well respected by his colleagues.

Peter has issued a public announcement regarding his potential candidacy.

Will he or won’t he run?

It’s certainly going to be a topic of interest in local coffee shops until he makes his decision.

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