Welcome to Town: New Curator is a Big Plus for Cultural Center

We want to join the town in welcoming Yasmina Kamal to her new position as curator of the Winthrop Cultural Center, which is located on the first floor of the E.B. Newton School Building. Yasmina will be a great asset to the town with her strong background in the arts and cultural administration. She has big plans for the center including hosting concerts and other arts and cultural activities at the center.

 If you haven’t visited the center and have yet to see the transformation of the first floor into a cultural center and art gallery, it’s worth a visit.

Residents attended a meet-and-greet with Kamal at the center Tuesday afternoon and it was nice to see people so genuinely excited about her plans to make the cultural center a place where people can enjoy the town’s history and the work of local artists.

We have to commend Town Manager James McKenna who didn’t want the E.B. Newton School Building to be sold and now the fruits of his efforts are there to be enjoyed by all of our residents.

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