Worth a Look: Council, Clerk will Evaluate Polling Places

We’re happy to see Town Clerk Carla Vitale and the Town Council take a proactive approach in deciding what the poll locations will be in upcoming elections. There has been much talk of either consolidating the current locations (reducing them from three to two) or moving one to the Cummings School. The Council has scheduled a meeting with Mrs. Vitale and the Board of Registrars to decide what action to take on the upcoming elections and the polling places.

Next March is the presidential primary and in November there is the presidential election and the election for U.S. Senate. Large turnouts are expected and Vitale would like to run an election at the new polling places and see how it transpires before the voters come out in droves in November, 2012.

Voting is one of our fundamental rights as Americans and we can expect that the Council and Mrs. Vitale will decide what is best for all of Winthrop’s residents when they gather at the June 21 meeting to make a decision.

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