The Parents Spoke … and the Town Council and Town Manager Listened

We applaud the proactive approach that the Town Council and Town Manager James McKenna are taking concerning the traffic situation at the Gorman/Fort Banks School and the long-term goal of creating another access road.

The proposal by McKenna to hire a consultant to come up with a plan and the council’s unanimous approval of the minor expenditure show that our town officials understand the importance of developing safe access for parents and their children on the road and making the traffic flow smoothly.

The succession of snowstorms this winter exacerbated the crowded conditions on Kennedy Drive, but the end result could be the creation of another access road and that’s good for everyone involved.

Town Manager McKenna consistently has shown an ability to feel the pulse of the community. After seeing the many parents at the council meeting who were seeking a solution to the traffic problem at the school, he put his foot on the accelerator and the town has now taken a key first step in establishing a permanent traffic pattern for Kennedy Drive.

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