Two volunteers are needed to serve on technology committee

The Winthrop school department is looking for two residents to volunteer to serve on a newly forming technology curriculum committee, which would serve the school district by helping to draft a new school technology plan, develop the goals of that plan and then monitor progress on the plan going forward.

Peter Manoogian, a longtime teacher in the school system and a former technology director for the Lynnfield School department said this week that he has been asked by Superintendent Joseph Lisi and Curriculum Coordinator Connie Moore to assist in establishing the committee, which could begin its work as early as this year.

“Winthrop has not had an updated technology plan filed with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) in five years, so the purpose of this committee is to develop those goals and plans, which will help make the district eligible for a variety of grants.”

“Anytime you can bring members of the community into these situations, it helps build understanding and awareness of the what the schools are actually doing and that can help build support for the programs,” said Manoogian of the decision to include members from outside of the school community.

“Dr. Lisi has already begun to name some people to the committee, for instance the school’s technology director Vincent Rocco, Connie Moore, and the town’s MIS Director Michelle Karas have all joined the committee,” said Manoogian. “I’m sure there will be representatives of the school administration, the teachers and we’re looking for two members of the public as well.”

Anyone interested in serving on the committee can apply for one of the two seats on the committee by sending a one-page letter of interest to Superintendent Joseph Lisi at Winthrop School Department, One Metcalf Square, Winthrop MA or by emailing Dr Lisi directly.

“We have to get this plan off the ground because once it is completed we can use the plan to help us in professional development, obtaining grants and other areas to improve our schools,” said Manoogian.

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