Rec room – Parks and Recreation settles in to new space

Parks and Recreation Department Director Sean Driscoll said this week that the department’s move from the third floor of the old EB Newton School and into the Middle School is going well.

“The transition has really been pretty smooth,” said Driscoll. “It’s getting there. We’ve got the whole inside area wired now for computers and phones, we’re waiting on Verizon to come down this week and make the connection outside so that we’ll have everything working, but from a program standpoint there have been no problems.”

Driscoll, who noted that the department officially began moving into its new space in August said they’ve been running all of their programs out of the new space since the start of the school year and he said it has been easy adjustment for parents and youth.

“We have to help some people figure out where we are when they come down for the first time, but we’ve got some signage going up and people are getting the hang of it,” he said. “To be honest we’re very pleased with the new space.”

As for that space, he also noted that the space is divided differently then the third floor at the EB Newton School was, but he said that overall he has almost the exact same square footage.

The new Parks and Recreation offices and activity center are located near the rear entrance of the Middle School, adjacent to the rink, in the old woodshop section of the school.

“As we get into the better weather, after wintertime, our new location right next to Ingleside Park and the Middle School gym and the ice rink is going to give us real opportunity to implement some new programming and that’s something we want to try and take advantage of,” said Driscoll. “I’ve been very happy so far and I think it is something that is only going to get better as time goes by.”

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