Great Job, John – Floyd’s tenure has been grand

John Floyd is winding down his reign as the Exalted Ruler of the Winthrop Lodge of Elks and it certainly has been a productive year, one that has garnered publicity for all of the great endeavors that the 1,500-member organization does in the town.

Floyd has been a visible leader in the entire community in his position as Exalted Ruler and his energy and dedication on behalf of the Elks has opened up eyes to the good work they do for all Winthrop residents and local charities.

Floyd is now launching a Junior Elks program for boys and girls, ages 13 through 18. The response to his idea has been excellent. Sons and daughters of Elks members are eligible to join the organization whose goal is to help the needy and support the community.

The Junior Elks program is a fitting conclusion to Floyd’s tenure as Exalted Ruler as it will prepare the next generation of leaders to get involved in the Elks and continue the charitable tradition of current Elks members. The Junior Elks will be a good option for youths looking to give something back to the community and to stay clear of trouble that idleness can lead to.

We commend John Floyd for his outstanding leadership of the Elks. The next Exalted Ruler will have a tough act to follow.

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