One Precinct At A Time – Chief Delehanty’s meetings make a lot of sense for everyone in the community

Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty hatched an innovative and, as it turns out, well-received idea with the concept of community meetings that the department has been holding in each precinct. At the first meeting at the Winthrop Yacht Club, more than 75 residents showed up and Delehanty was able to invite top administrators from the MWRA, who listened to residents’ concerns about trucks speeding on Winthrop streets to and from the ongoing construction site at the MWRA.

The second meeting at Joe Harvey Hall was also successful as Precinct 3 residents had the opportunity to speak directly with Delehanty and police officials about their concerns.

There were tentative plans to hold a combined meeting for Precinct 6 and Precinct 4 residents, but Precinct 6 residents apparently felt that each meeting should address the concerns of one precinct at a time. Chief Delehanty agreed and squashed any minor controversy about a combined meeting and thus scheduled a Precinct 6 meeting for March 24 at 7 p.m. at the Senior Center.

Delehanty also has made it clear that residents of all precincts are welcomed to attend the meeting, but Precinct 6 residents’ questions will take top priority. Chief Delehanty, Lieutenant Brian Perrin, and Officer Michael Delehanty will be present and there is the hope that two police officers from the Wednesday night shift (so as to not incur any overtime costs to the town) also will be on hand. In addition, Precinct 6 Councilor Linda Calla and Town Council President Jeffrey Turco will be in attendance.

The meetings have worked well in opening the lines of communication between the Police Department and residents and we urge Precinct 6 residents to take advantage of the opportunity and attend the next precinct meeting.

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