Hoop Sensations – Vikings enjoyed a tremendous season

Well, the North Sectional final didn’t turn out the way Winthrop High School basketball fans had hoped, but the loss to powerful New Mission High (a school that really should have been in Division 1) takes nothing away from a truly exciting and memorable season for coach Dave Brown, his assistant coaches, and of course, the players.

To have won 21 games this season and 67 games over the course of the seniors’ careers is a tremendous achievement. Dave Brown, who also serves admirably in our Winthrop Police Department, has distinguished himself as one of the finest basketball coaches in the state (an award he won last year, by the way). He’s made basketball an important and well-watched athletic program in this town, all the while making sure that our athletes represent the town in a gentlemanly and sportsmanlike fashion.

To this year’s senior class, especially, we say, "Thank you," for a brilliant run of basketball and for working hard to become the very best players you could be. That’s a great legacy to leave for the players remaining in the program and the Middle School athletes who will soon become Winthrop Vikings.

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