Great Job, Chris – Winthrop High’s Life Skills program earns statewide recognition

It’s no surprise that Winthrop High School and its Life Skills Program has been chosen to be the site for a major event on March 3 for the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign. The campaign brings communities together to encourage everyone to pledge to stop the use of the word “Retard.”

At Winthrop High School, teacher Chris Donnelly has overseen an outstanding program for students with intellectual disabilities. His leadership in this field has gained acclaim from the Special Olympics and other leaders in the realm of special education.

The Life Skills program at the high school is as excellent as it is thanks to Principal Gail Conlon, who has given her strong support to it, believing that all students at the high school are a part of one community who should be able to enjoy everything that our high school has to offer its students. Mrs. Conlon truly has earned the honor of being a guest speaker at Wednesday’s event.

So too, the 32 students who serve as mentors to Mr. Donnelly’s students in the Life Skills Program are to be commended for volunteering their efforts to help other students at the high school.

Speaker of the House Robert Deleo will deliver the opening remarks at the Spread the Word to End the Word event and Boston television stations are expected to be on hand as Winthrop High School is presented in a favorable light as an example of the good things that can happen when a dedicated teacher, Chris Donnelly, a knowledgeable administrator like Gail Conlon, and hard-working and close-knit students all work together.

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