A Big Boost – Stimulus funds will used for energy-efficient boilers at Town Hall

The Town of Winthrop received a big boost with the announcement that it has received a $150,000 federal stimulus grant to convert the heating system at Town Hall to high-efficiency, gas-fueled boilers that also will allow for the removal of the existing, underground oil tank.

This is both good news for the town and the environment, as we look to move forward with alternative energy projects that will help the environment and save the town on fuel expenses.

In these tough financial times, any help that the state and federal governments can give to small communities like Winthrop is welcome in a big way. We thank Governor Deval Patrick, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (who helped prepare the grant application for stimulus funding), and the Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management at UMass/Boston for their efforts in helping the town receive this important grant.

In addition, it should be noted that the stimulus bill originated in Washington under the Presidency of Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress.

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