WPD investigating a pair of robberies on Halloween night

Winthrop detectives are looking for information about two Halloween Night robberies, which were reported at different times and with different approaches during the overnight on Saturday, October 31, and into November 1.

According to Chief Terrence Delehanty, the first robbery occurred at the Crystal Cove Convenience store on Shirley Street.

“The store owner reported to us that a person entered the store with a mask on, when the store owner told the customer that he had to take the mask off in order to be in the store, the customer allegedly said, ‘Sorry, about that,’ then reached into his right side pocket and took out a gun,” explained Delehanty.

According to Delehanty, the suspect was approximately six-feet tall, wearing dark jeans, a hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up and fully zipped, a mask and gloves.

“The suspect was completely covered,” said Delehanty, of the robber who made off with approximately $200 in cash from the store’s cash register.

The second reported robbery was reported at 2:42 a.m. on Halloween night, when a delivery driver for Great Chef Chinese Restaurant entered the store to report that he had been beaten and robbed while making a delivery to Nevada Street, approximately two hours earlier.

“The victim in this case alleged that as he pulled up to make a delivery on Nevada Street, he was approached by a group of younger men who beat him and took all of the money he was carrying,” said Delehanty.

When the victim was asked by officers why he waited so long to report the crime, he said that his manager allegedly told had him to finish making deliveries, before reporting the crime to police.

“There is an active investigation into this report, as some of the details of the crime seem to be a little fuzzy,” said Chief Delehanty. “We are checking into some of the details that were reported by the victim and looking for several subjects that may have been involved or may know something about the attack.”

Chief Delehanty said that anyone who has information about either of these two armed robberies is encouraged to contact Winthrop Police with that information. Tips to the investigating detectives can also be made anonymously.

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