Signs of Progress – Finally, Dalrymple property is ready for development

Amidst the excitement of the town election, a purchase and sales agreement for the Dalrymple School property was signed Monday by Town Manager James McKenna, giving the East Boston Community Development Corporation (EBCDC) the go-ahead to begin developing the property.

The total payment to the town, which will be executed in the spring of 2010, will be $1.3 million, which certainly will be a welcome deposit into the town’s coffers. Plans call for 27, affordable, one-bedroom units of senior citizen housing. Construction will begin in mid-2010 and it should take approximately a year to rehabilitate the existing school building.

We’re confident that this project will be a positive one for the town and will help beautify the area. The Dalrymple School building has been vacant for five years, but within 18 months residents will see the entire property transformed into a beautifully landscaped property with a shiny new building and a parking lot with 40 spaces.

Several people deserve commendation for making this project a reality. Interim Town Manager Larry Holmes got the ball rolling with the Town Council and Town Manager James McKenna kept the momentum going with his support for the project. Winthrop resident John Vitagliano, project manager for the East Boston Community Development Corporation, also deserves credit his for his professionalism and cooperation with the town as this positive project moved forward. Vitagliano is a highly respected person in Winthrop and his role as the liaison for the EBCDC ensured that the process moved along smoothly and efficiently. John Vitagliano loves this town and his vision for the property and what it would mean to the neighborhood was both personal and professional.

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