The People Have Spoken – Strong vote for Turco signals a new era

Winthrop voters gave a strong mandate to Jeffrey Turco to be their Town Council President in Tuesday’s election. Turco ran a vibrant and visible campaign and struck a chord with Winthrop voters who had the chance to meet him during the past few months. As an attorney who has worked in state and county government for the past 12 years, Turco understands the type of leadership and services people expect from their elected officials.

It was an exciting campaign, but more important, it was a clean and positive one in which Turco, Barbara Survilas and Sue Bolster, the other two candidates in the race, proved a credit to themselves, their families, and their fellow citizens. Harsh and mean spirited words, once let out, never can be taken back and can create bitter feelings that linger for years, if not decades. But that was not the case in the recent campaign.

Jeff Turco’s election ushers in a new era in Winthrop government as he takes the reins of the council from outgoing President Thomas Reilly. Turco is both a newcomer to local politics and is among a new and younger generation of residents. By contrast, Tom Reilly had served in town government in various capacities for more than 30 years and was among those of an older generation (please note that we did not say Tom is of the “old” generation, just “older”).

Indeed, Jeff is equivalent to where Tom was when Tom first was elected to the Board of Selectmen in the 1970s: Coming of age with a young family and with a strong and vested interest in our community. There was a generational change that took place at that time, with office holders such as Bob Noonan, Bob DeLeo, Ron Vecchia, and others who followed in Tom Reilly’s footsteps to assume a leadership role in town affairs. We have no doubt that Jeff Turco’s election similarly will herald the coming of a new generation of officeholders to whom the torch now is being passed.

We’re sure that Tom Reilly will work with Jeff to make it a smooth and seamless transition process as our Council President. As we have mentioned many times in the past, the job of Council President is not an easy one, and we know that Jeff will be more than eager to pick up any tips, both big and small, that Tom can pass along.

We congratulate all of the candidates for a great campaign and look forward to the weeks ahead as the new Town Council and School Committee take shape.

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