School Committee Announces Tech Infrastructure Updates

The Winthrop School Committee met on June 22, where it announced its plan to upgrade the technology infrastructure throughout the district.

Tech Updates

This summer, with a grant from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, technology infrastructure will be reconfigured to support the increased use of Chromebooks in Winthrop schools. Students use these personal computers daily for testing and learning.

“We are working with [providers] to ensure that our infrastructure and our on-site technology are reliable and that our students have access to the technology required for learning,” said Supt. Lisa Howard.

Schools will also upgrade their Raptor systems, a security technology used to scan the licenses of professionals entering the buildings.

Summer Programming

Winthrop Public Schools will be offering a number of in-person programs for the summer.

Academic enrichment will be available to grades one to three at the Banks School, grades four to six at the Cummings School, and grades seven to nine at the Winthrop Middle School.

Winthrop High School students needing ELA and math credits can complete 50 hours of course time in each subject.

Students entering the For Kids Only after-school program can take summer courses there in STEM, drama, ELA, math and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

All four schools will offer summer special education programming for students with Individual Education Plans (IEP.)

Eighth Grade Award Winners

A number of eighth-grade students received special awards for their achievements over this past year: Adam Aitouahmane, Noah Bayersdorfer, Iman Belghiti, Christopher Beshere, Jillian Buonaparte, Avalina Coffey, Mikaelly DeSouza, Joseph Disney, Bailey Ferguson, Elaina Freeman, Giada Gergerian, Annabelle Giardano, Jenna Hincman, Mackenzie Lynch, Morgan Morgado, Nicole Pinheiro, Zoe Rey, Brady Rockefeller, Gianna Sorrentino, James Stangle and Brian Sweeney.

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