Strawberry Festival is Saturday

By Michael Herbert One of Winthrop’s longest running traditions, the Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association’s 108th Strawberry Festival, at 40 Shirley Street, this Saturday from 3 to 6 PM.  Volunteers will be dishing up a heaping bowl of strawberry shortcake with freshly made whipped cream using our secret ingredients. For $10 you can get the very tasty strawberry shortcake, tours of the second oldest house in America and sit in the lawn and listen to some of the best violinist around.

Two of the many volunteers who will be on hand Saturday at the Winthrop Improvement and Historical Assocition’s annual Strawberry Festival.

 The Master of the Ceremonies will be our town Historian Dave Hubbard, whom just received the Star Award from the Mass Historical Alliance for his contribution to the community. The Boston Scottish Fiddlers Club will be performing,  plucking and bowing their strings in perfect fifths with the highest pitched soprano with their wooden chordophones.  At intermission, there will be a Theatrical Play in the middle of the yard, called Red Carnation and it’s a very cute play about a man and a woman that go to meet on a blind date and he supposed to be wearing a Red Carnation. She gets there and every man has a Red Carnation on his lapel. You’ll get to see what happens next on the beautiful grounds of the Deane Winthrop House. There will be raffles donated from our local merchants, who kindly support this amazing event. We’ve checked the weather and it should be 76° and a beautiful day. Many people have contributed to making this event one of the best, especially after taking two years off, we want this to be one that shines. In doing so, we’ve put the house in tiptop shape by having carpenters, painters working diligently on the windows, woodwork, roof, painting and staining both buildings. We would like to thank the generous support from the Paul Mark’s Company, Winthrop Market Place, Webster First, and all of the people that have made this happen. A special thanks to Stephanie Honan, Jeff and Sandy Schiff,  Lauren Mazzucchelli, Kathy Vorse, Christine Riley, Linda and George Rainville, Claire and Dave Hubbard, Alan Giangregorio, Actor & Actress, Josh and Elizabeth and all who have contributed to make this happen. Thanks to The Winthrop Sun Transcript for putting this into print for the people in our town. We are very lucky to have this important part of history survive almost 400 years of life’s challenges, to educate our future generations on how far we’ve come and how far we can go, so we open our doors to everyone to see our American treasure, right here, in our little town in the middle of the ocean, Winthrop.

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