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Conversations With the Councilors

Precinct 2 Town Councilor John Munson will be hosting the first in a series of “Conversations With The Councilors” on Friday, April 8th from 4:00 to 5:30 pm at The Beacon Gallery, 196 Winthrop Street. Attendees should enter through the front door. Off-street parking is available in the parking lot to the left of the building.

The initial “Conversations” will be with Precinct 3 Town Councilor Hannah Belcher, Precinct 5 Town Councilor Joseph Aiello, and Councilor Munson.  Councilor Belcher will speak on Massport’s Sound Insulation Program, Councilor Aiello will discuss Capital Assets Management, and Councilor Munson will talk about the old Middle School Site Development.

Each Councilor will make a brief presentation on the respective topic, followed by a Question-and-Answer Session on that topic. An informal reception with light refreshments will follow.

Constituents of the councilors’ precincts are cordially invited to attend this event, along with all Winthrop residents.  It is an opportunity for citizens to learn the status of ongoing projects in Winthrop from the Councilors and to express their own opinions. 

Future “Conversations With The Councilors” will be held on a quarterly basis.

Unemployment Down Again Statewide

Local unemployment rates dropped in twenty-four labor market areas, in the state during the month of February, the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development reported. 

 Compared to February 2021, the rates were down in twenty-four labor market areas. 

Of the fifteen areas for which estimates are published, nine areas gained jobs, three areas had no changes, and three areas reported losses. The largest percentage increases occurred in the Springfield (+2.4%), Brockton-Bridgewater-Easton (+1.6%), and Boston-Cambridge-Newton (+1.0%) areas. Lynn-Saugus-Marblehead area reported the largest percentage loss (-0.7%).

From February 2021 to February 2022, all fifteen areas gained jobs with the largest percentage increases seen in Barnstable Town (+7.1%), Springfield (+6.0%), and Lowell-Billerica-Chelmsford (+5.8%) areas.  

In order to compare the statewide rate to local unemployment rates, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the statewide-unadjusted unemployment rate for February 2022 was 4.3 percent, down 0.7 percentage point over the month. 

Last week, the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development reported the statewide seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the month of February 2022 was 4.7 percent, down one-tenth of a percentage point from the January 2022 estimate of 4.8 percent. 

The statewide seasonally adjusted jobs estimate showed an increase of 14,600 jobs in February, and an over-the-year gain of 173,500 jobs. 

The unadjusted unemployment rates and job estimates for the labor market areas reflect seasonal fluctuations and therefore may show different levels and trends than the statewide seasonally adjusted estimates. 

The estimates for labor force, unemployment rates and jobs for Massachusetts are based on different statistical methodology specified by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

The preliminary March 2022 and the revised February 2022 unemployment rates, labor force data and jobs estimates for Massachusetts will be released on Friday, April 15, 2022; local unemployment statistics will be released on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Detailed labor market information is available at  See the 2022 Media Advisory for complete list of release dates.

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