Ken Woodward Contributes to a Successful Election Day

Volunteers help communities thrive, and without them, pivotal events wouldn’t run smoothly. Five year resident, Ken Woodward is a perfect example of someone who is donating time to make a difference, keeping Winthrop moving forward. Woodward recently stepped up to volunteer during the election season and contributed a full day at the State Primary Election polls on Tuesday. In the interview below, Woodward shares his reason for volunteer work and what drew him to the Town of Winthrop.

Ken Woodward, first-time election volunteer.

What gave you the idea to volunteer for this year’s elections?

My wife Courtney and I talked about volunteering back when COVID first hit. With many upstanding citizens possibly unable to work the polls this year due to safety concerns, I just felt it was the right thing to do, especially with the 2020 elections representing such a pivotal time for our country. Then in June, we received an email from Councilor-At-Large, Tracey Honan, encouraging those who were able to do so, to volunteer. Since Courtney’s pregnant with our second child (due Christmas Eve), we felt it best that she sit this one out and let me represent.  

What does your volunteer role consist of?

With this being my first year volunteering as an Inspector, I registered voters, issuing ballots & explaining how to mark them, hopefully providing answers to our voters, and assisting them in getting where they needed to go. At the end of each election day, I hope to contribute to a positive experience for the voters in our community. Hats off to Carla and Joanne on the thorough training we received.  

How will this year’s elections be different in year’s past?

Simply put, tensions are running high. It’s apparent with the political and social unrest, compounded with the effects COVID has had on all of us. At the very least, this election should give people an outlet and a reason to believe, “my voice matters, I belong, and I’m part of something.”

Are you involved with any other volunteer work/committees in town?

Not at this time but I am open to the right opportunity.

What do you love about living in Winthrop?

Growing up in New England, I’ve always loved the ocean. After spending a few years in Colorado, some close friends suggested we check out Winthrop. Originally, living by the water while being a stone’s throw from Boston was perfect. Over the years, Winthrop’s character, pride, and sense of community have really grown on us. From the local business owners, to the fellow parents we’ve met, to our neighbors; we’re really looking forward to raising our family here in Winthrop.

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