Tuesday’s State Primary Election a Success

A few new volunteer faces were front and center at the polling locations for the State Primary Election on Tuesday. According to first-time volunteer, Ken Woodward, voters trickled in steadily throughout the day at the high school polling location. Several residents had already cast their ballots through the mail-in voting and absentee voting process, allowing for election day to run smoothly. 

“While many Winthrop residents voted by mail, we maintained a steady pace of in-person voters,” said lead volunteer, Stephen Hines. “We implemented many sanitation procedures to keep all voters safe, comfortable, and healthy.”

Stehen Hines and Gui Moreira served as managers of the volunteers at the high school location.

The majority of volunteers spent 14 hours at the polling locations, making it a long, yet rewarding day. Pizza and waters were provided by Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo and State Senator Joe Boncore. “We just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment-the Women’s Right to Vote,” said volunteer, Rose Mazzuchelli. “It’s such an important freedom we have. Don’t take it for granted. Get out and vote!”

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