Letterie seeks Re-Election to Precinct 2

My name is Jim Letterie and I am announcing my candidacy for re-election as Precinct 2 Councilor. I am seeking re-election because I have a strong aspiration to continue to be both a voice for our Precinct and a proven leader on the Council.  During my 14 years on the Town Council, I have been an ardent advocate for my constituents and all citizens in the town of Winthrop.

As a member of the Council, I have served on the Finance Committee for 14 years, I assumed the chairmanship four years ago. As a long standing member of this committee, I have developed a deep understanding of both the town and the School Department’s budgets.  Sharing the knowledge that I have acquired during my tenure on the Finance Committee with Council members has led to the development of several important policies regarding finance. Most important has been establishing a policy which directs the distribution of free cash into specific reserve accounts, this strengthens our reserves. As a result of this policy, our bond status improved which will enable our community to save over $8 million in interest over the life of the new school borrowings. Having strong reserves is incredibly important for our town. Similar to our state and our nation, our town’s economy goes through constant cycles. It is imperative that we have skilled leaders who understand the complexity of our town’s budgets. 

 As we approach the next decade, we have many issues that we need to be cognizant of, including but not limited to, the Middle School site, responsible development, and drainage at both Ingleside Park and Morton Street.  All development must include the citizens’ voice. Winthrop is roughly 1.6 square miles and we have a little over 11,000 people per square mile making us one of the densest communities within the state. We need to find a unique balance that will enable us to increase our tax base, while maintaining the quality of life which our residents have come to expect. In addition, we must  be proactive when it comes to the enormous amount of development that will be going on just outside our borders at Suffolk Downs and Wonderland. 

 I feel very fortunate to have been born and raised in Winthrop. My wife Dawn, a Winthrop teacher for 35 years and counting, and I, along with our children Jake (21) and Jenna (19) love this town.  Dawn and I consider ourselves fortunate to be able to live, work and raise our family in the town we love. As the owner of Letteries’ for the past 17 years, I have the unique ability to see and interact with our towns’ people on a regular basis. This is one way that I am able to access public opinion. 

 Experience is sometimes an overused word, but come January of 2020 it is definitely something to consider as it relates to The Winthrop Town Council. Over the next four years, the policies that our Town Council sets will have a long lasting impact on the quality of life of our citizens. Keeping citizens first is something that I truly believe in. I have the skill set, knowledge, and experience needed to make responsible decisions that will move Winthrop forward while preserving the character, values, and culture that our citizens have come to know. Together we can continue to make positive impacts on our future, our children’s future, and our grandchildren’s future. I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday Nov. 5, 2019.

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