Ferrara Seeks Re-Election to WHA Board

Incumbent Frank Ferrara has announced his intent to seek re-election to the WIHA Board. The following is his announcement:

During my tenure as a board member, I have been assisting the board and the Executive Director in securing a grant for $1.5 million dollars.

We are working on a roofing project at the administration building on Golden Drive.

An excess of $3 million dollars for capital projects has been granted in response to WHA’s applications. High efficiency, ductless heat pumps were installed in two Golden Drive Buildings were part of a pilot program, initiated using State grant funds. At Golden Drive, the outdated and inadequate electric load centers were also replaced.

An infra-red safety device was installed on elevator doors at the Community Building. Solar panels will be installed at Kings Gardens this fall.

My background includes 20 years with the Boston Building Department and 16 years with the Dept. of Mass Public Safety as an Inspector. I am a former member of the Boston Building Association and a member of the State Elevator Safety Association.

I am the son of the former Building Inspector A. Richard Ferrara. As a member of the Winthrop Housing Board I have the experience and knowledge to retain this position on the board. I would appreciate your vote on the Nov. 5, Town Election.

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