Kurt Millar Announces Candidacy for Precinct 2 Council Seat

Kurt Millar is seeking the Precinct 2 Town Council seat. The following is his announcement:

“My name is Kurt Millar. I have the privilege to be a candidate for The Winthrop Town Council in Precinct 2. My family and I have been proud residents, graduates of Winthrop Public Schools, business owners and actively involved citizens in Winthrop for multiple generations. I would love to see current and future generations of Winthrop families- as well as those who are choosing to move into town-live, work and stay in Winthrop.

For over 25 years, as a DJ, I often silently support our town. I donate my services to I Love Winthrop Festivals, previous Chamber events, CASA, local charities, school dances, functions and fundraisers for those in need. Volunteering as a DJ and youth football coach has given me invaluable insight into how giving and supportive Winthrop residents can be for one another.  I take pride in helping when and where I am able. 

Though many might know me as DJ “Cuzzi”, I have a career outside of DJing. For over 13 years I have been employed with Gillette in South Boston. I have valuable experience as a Health Safety and Environment Leader and Preventative Maintenance Leader. My background in sustainability programs, OSHA Regulations, Incident Investigation/Elimination, planned and preventative maintenance, managing budgets, loss elimination, cost savings analysis, preparing cost/gap analysis, and employee development and training will be an asset to my role as your councilor. I will utilize my skill set to move Winthrop forward successfully as a servant leader for our residents. It is each member of the council’s responsibility to listen and hear the voices of all in their precinct. I feel the members of the council must vote the will of their constituents. Councilors should not vote for individual wants- but should choose that which can benefit all.  This type of servant leadership helps to ensure our actions as a council will benefit our town.  I will work diligently for Precinct 2 and for Winthrop.

Why I want to serve as your Councilor:

As a resident, I have been an avid observer of our town politics. We need change! That’s why I am running for Town Council. I am not afraid to question the status quo. I have listened, heard and want to lead the change needed for our great town. I will strive to unify the council moving the town forward by ensuring the citizens are heard. Transparency and sharing information are necessary for our citizens to be engaged and active. Residents need to trust the council and our processes. Hearing constituents say the council is not realizing their decisions have consequences to each person they represent is concerning. “Decisions affect our values, lifestyles and our wallets.”  We must understand how and why we are in our current financial situation. I will advocate for responsible growth to increase revenue while sustaining education and vital services budgets. We need to re-evaluate our contracts with the MWRA and MASSPORT. Winthrop faces unprecedented financial, environmental resiliency, failing infrastructure, traffic congestion and business sustainability issues. I have a keen sense for identifying cost savings and eliminating loss which will benefit all town departments. I have concerns regarding ongoing maintenance town wide. This must be addressed in all current assets and future planning. Having no conflicts of interest, (like not having a brick and mortar business,) I will not need recuse myself from voting on certain motions.  I know I will be a positive addition to the council!  If you are a constituent in Precinct 2, Kurt will work for you!”

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