Council Honors Retired Police Lt. David Lessard

At their meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 17, Council honored the service of Winthrop Police Lt. David Lessard, who retired on July 8 after nearly 40 years with the force.

Lt. Lessard appeared before Council supported by his family to receive a citation signed by all council members.

“I speak on behalf of Council and the residents of Winthrop to thank you for your 39 years of service,” said Council President Ron Vecchia. “We extend our sincere congratulations and we wish you the best in your future endeavours.”

Council President Vecchia also commented on Lt. Lessard’s “numerous accomplishments during his years as a police officer.”

In his time on the Winthrop Police Department, Lt. Lessard served as its Accreditation Manager and a founding organizer of its Citizen Police Academy. He oversaw the Winthrop Marine Unit and Harbor Patrol, helped launched the first Mountain Bike Unit and was the president of the Winthrop Police Lieutenant’s Union. He spent the past 20 years as the patrol shift commander and was consistently listed as the highest paid municipal employee in town.

“The name Lessard in this town is synonymous with giving back,” said the Council President. “I appreciate your sacrifices.”

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