Gallivan Selected as Curriculum Director

Saugus resident, Lori Gallivan, has been selected as the executive director of curriculum, instruction and accountability for the Winthrop Public School district.

Lori Gallivan

Gallivan, who officially started the position on July 1 has a strong history in education, including 22 years of both teaching and administrative roles.

Born and raised in Easthampton, Gallivan ventured to the eastern part of the state in 1997. She began her teaching career in Lynn at Marshall Middle School and later taught history at the Alternative High School. She landed her first administrative position in Newburyport as the assistant principal of the middle school, following a position as the principal of the Edward G. Molin Elementary School. For the past four years she has been the curriculum director of Saugus Public Schools, after spending three years as the principal of the Lynnhurst Elementary School in Saugus.

“I’m really excited about getting to know the community,” said Gallivan, who is honored to be working alongside Superintendent of Schools Lisa Howard.

Gallivan plans to spend her first year as curriculum director getting to know the teachers in the district and assess what is working and what needs to be re-evaluated. As a firm believer in professional development, she hopes to provide the tools that teachers need to get and stay ahead in the classroom.

“The teachers are the ones delivering the lessons and they see the spark in the kids’ eyes when they learn something, so they know what is working and what is not. I want to make sure the teachers have the tools, so the students can utilize them in a way that makes sense,” she said.

Gallivan believes strongly that the classroom has transitioned from being a place where the teacher is a direct instructor to a place where the teacher is a facilitator, guiding the students and allowing them to make meaning for themselves.

“Students need to be able to collaborate and communicate while thinking critically. They need to be able to find their mistakes in their work and decipher ways to correct them,” she said.

She plans to immerse herself in the course content of both the middle school and high school and learn from the teachers what drives energy and excitement in the classroom.

“Course development comes from the teachers who are there to witness student engagement. I’m excited to get to know all the teachers in the district and find out what both the teachers and students are passionate about in the classroom.”

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