Police Blotter 02-22-2018

Monday, Feb. 12

Caller on Harvard Street says that neighbors told her that a female party is lurking around her house and looking into her son’s vehicle. The son is incarcerated at this time, and a female party involved has a RO against him. Calling party is scared and does not know who this female party is. The party is no longer on the scene. No crime occurred at this time. Caller seemed distraught, but did not want medical.

Party on Court Road came to the station to report that he discovered someone had backed into his parked vehicle. The vehicle has damage to rear passengers side.

A well-being check for subject on Veterans Road. We were unable to locate either party.

Female party on Johnson Avenue called and stated that she is receiving multiple e-mails making threats. No way to identify who is sending them.

In the vicinity of Marshall Street, a dog has been outside howling for quiet some time. There has been two separate alls concerning the dog. Callers also stated that the dog is howling in the middle of the night as well. Officer spoke with the dog’s owner and said it was two dogs barking at each other. He was advised to keep the noise down and the unit has since cleared.

Party on Locust Street called the station to state that someone is banging on the door of her house. This party is unknown to the people at that address. Units were sent to assist. People that checked in earlier, (solicitor) were going door to door and apologized if he made someone nervous. Family at the house has been notified and since been satisfied.

Caller on Shirley Street states that the next door neighbor’s vehicle is blocking his driveway. He did attempt to make contact with his neighbor, but states that he did not answer the door and that he has to leave. Units state that he got the vehicle to move and he will be cleared.

Report of loud music on Dolphin Street, and it is disturbing the occupants there. Units state the music is very loud, but there was no answer at the door. Will keep attempting to make contact and if not, a complaint will be filed against the parties.

Parties from Dolphin Avenue is yelling at neighbor. Units spoke to both parties and stated that they were advised to stay away from one another and if there is an issue, to call us and we will respond bak. Peace was restored.

Off with a suspicious motor vehicle on Harvard Street. One in custody for restraining order violation. 91 will transport. Plaintiff is aware; all units clear. Vehicle is legally parked and will remain on the street. Officer has the keys, and the owner will pick them up at the station.

Calling party on Marshall Street stated there is a dog howling, and has been all night and also last night, too. He believes that the dog is not being taken care of. Units tied up in booking. S5 will call the reporting party and also follow up with the ACO i the morning so that he can follow up.

Party on Dolphin Avenue states that while she was gone, possibly another tenant damaged her door. Door lock is busted and scratches on the door that she says were not there previously. Calling party stated that she was going to come down to the station to make out a report.


Tuesday, Feb. 13

Party on Tafts Avenue states five-six hypodermic needles in the parking lot. 91 reports needles have been disposed of properly.

Caller on Locust Street states a silver vehicle has been parked in front of their house for five days making it hard to get in and out of their driveway. 92 reports the car is parked legally. The motor vehicle will be placed on a 72-hour list and WPD headquarters have been notified.

Female on Dolphin Avenue came to the station to report being continuously harassed by the residents from the third-floor apartment. She is going from her to East Boston District Court to request a harassment order.

Elderly female on Golden Drive dialed 911 and sounded confused. 93 reports he spoke to the female, and she is well.

Party came to the station to report that someone opened up a fraudulent account in her name with Walmart. Party has already notified Walmart Corp. that she did not apply for their account. Walmart informed her that they have cancelled the account, but a balance in excess of $750 has already been incurred. The party was advised to notify the credit bureau of this activity generated in her name.

Caller on Revere Street reporting intoxicated make urinating in her driveway. Medical aid was requested by police, and male party was transported to the Whidden via ambulance per Section 12.


Wednesday, Feb. 14

Cab driver reports a fare evasion on Summit Avenue. Officers convinced the party to make good on the fare by a check for $51. If cab company has any issues, the officer on scene has the contact information for the involved party.

Report of a suspicious male in vicinity of Ocean View Street. Officer made contact with him. he works for National Grid and states that he will make Winthrop PD aware next time he is in the area.

Walk-in from Sea Foam Avenue to report items stolen off of her porch that was delivered by Amazon.

Another walk-in from Woodside Avenue to report a cell phone account opened up under his name.

Party on Mermaid Avenue reports that he received a water bill for $6,054.54. He had the town DPW investigate and was told it was vandalized by someone.

Walk-in to the station to report that he was being harassed by a female party.

Owner on Veterans Road reports that a customer said her wedding rings were missing from the vehicle he had been working on. He was advised that it was a civil matter. He also stated that her husband was on his way down. Police were dispatched to keep the peace. Units assisted and mediated the parties. Stayed a bit longer to make sure that everyone was satisfied, and nothing happened.

A stranger tried to enter home on Atlantic Street. It was an unwanted person banging on his door screaming at a woman in the street. 91 and 93 will attempt to locate the subject but he was to there upon their arrival.

Officers off at address on Wave Way Avenue attempting locate party involved with a recent call.

Units are attempting to locate party on Atlantic Street. Party was located, and will advise control of next steps. Units advise the parties of their 209A rights.

Party at Governors Park stated that a party that lives in the basement apartment verbally threatened her. The woman pointed at her and said, “I am going to kill you.” Reporting party thinks she may be mentally challenged. Spoke with both parties and both have been advised to say away from each other. Everything is resolved at this time.

Report of kids sitting in their cars behind the car wash blaring their car radio. Officer spoke with the vehicle behind the car wash and occupants were told to turn down the music. Peace was restored.

Party on Lewis Avenue reports that he is receiving harassing phone calls and would like to speak to an officer. Units advised the party on what the next steps to take should he receive additional unwanted calls.

91 and 93 off attempting to serve papers to subject on Shore Drive. Paperwork has been dropped off.

Caller on Shirley Street states that people upstairs are making noise like running around the banging. Officers spoke to the reporting party and the apartment above. There were young children running around. They were advised to minimize the noise. Reporting party called back to thank the officers for their quick response and professional demeanor.


Thursday, Feb. 15

Two motor vehicles with possible violations on Sea Foam Avenue. No vehicles have any violations at this time, but were given parking tickets.

Belle Isle Seafood called to report that someone on the backside trying to use the pier. Party left the area prior to police arrival. Unit searched the area to inform the party he has been trespassing. Units cleared, as they were unable to locate subject.

Report that white male walking in the middle of Crest Avenue, possibly intoxicated. Units clear, call unfounded.


Friday, Feb. 16

Party on Shore Drive heard a noise outside and looked out back and states that his hinges are pried half way off the door. Did not seen anyone, but would like an officer. He thinks it might be the guy upstairs. Officer reports no evidence showing back door has been tampered with. Officer spoke to people in another unit who the reporting party originally accused tampering with the door. They explained that it has been an ongoing issue.

Parking ticket issued to motor vehicle parked in a no-parking area on Grovers Avenue.

Summons was faxed over from Middlesex DA’s office for service on subject on River Road. No service made as no one was home.

Caller on Pleasant Street needs to report a car theft. She is unable to come into the station. It was a 2016 Infiniti, color black. Last seen in the secured garage Sunday night. Called Todisco Towing to see if they have the vehicle. They said they did not tow the vehicle.

Motor vehicle accident with possible injuries on Winthrop and Buchanan Street. G&J requested for both cars to be towed. G&J towed both vehicles. Report to follow.

Recovered stolen vehicle on Pleasant Street. Transported the vehicle owner to Orient Heights. Vehicle was in parking lot at Orient Heights. Motor vehicle cancelled in LEAPS/NCIC by headquarters.

Party on Cliff Avenue states that someone was banging on her door and yelling her name. It ended up being a man she has not seen in 15 years asking to stay there. She is alone in the house and is nervous. Units clear, male left the area prior to their arrival. Party was advised to call back if the male returns.

Sister called to report that she spoke to her, brother who is at the Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. He is making Q5 statements. No weapons. Calling party states that her brother just got out of detox and has no place to go. Medical aid requested for male party. Voluntary transport to the Whidden via Action EMS. Male party was advised of his WMS status at Lynn District Court.

Caller on Fairview Street stated that a friend posted a snapchat with a knife making Q5 statements. 93 requests medical aid for the female party.

Assist fire with garage fire on Somerset Avenue.


Saturday, Feb. 17

Party stated there is a commercial van that is parked in the public parking lot at Delby’s Corner. Parking ban begins at 2 a.m. and unit will return at that time to check if the vehicle is still there. Ticket issued to commercial van parked in public parking lot.

Reporting party on Bowdoin Street states that she was attacked by a resident on the second floor. Party states that she was staying at the house on the first floor, when the neighbor from the second floor had attacked her. Reporting party states that she did not have any past interaction with the party that has assaulted her. No assault; parties got their property and left.

Report of a very large pothole in the area of Quincy Avenue and Upland Road. Caller wants an officer to put a cone or a sign up. 91 investigated and stated that the pothole was not excessive in size, and did not require a cone or any type of warning. DPW was contacted for a repair.

Report of an elderly woman driving on Central Street that looks like she should not be driving. Concerned citizen wanted to have a well-being check on her.

Units off attempting to serve summons to subject on River Road.

Party on Cliff Avenue called to state that strange noises upstairs and not sure if someone broke in or not. He just got home and does not know who is in his house. His sister owns the house and she is not home. All clear at this time. Could have been from the weather. Unfounded at this time.

Calling party on Shirley Street states a loud party/noises and he is trying to put his kids to sleep. This is an ongoing issue.

Spoke with the restaurant owner and they stated they had a valid license for entertainment until 1 a.m. The owner was asked to be a little more considerate of the noise.

Winthrop Taxi called and stated one of their taxis is on Shirley Street with party refusing to pay their taxi fare. Units stated male party left. Taxi has the number for the party and will contact tomorrow.

Calling party  stated a drunk driver heading up Woodside Avenue almost hit and her and a couple of other cars. Unsure of make and no plate. BOLO given out to all units.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Revere Street and Governors Drive. G&J notified and enroute. 18-and-19-year-old females transported to the Whidden.


Sunday, Feb. 18

Caller on Mermaid Avenue says there is suspicious activity  going on at all hours of the night. Loud noise, yelling, cars pulling up. He spoke to the landlord about this. Nothing showing at this time.

Caller on Sargent Street states that her neighbor was arguing about a parking spot. Neighbor was stating that the calling party is blocking his driveway, which calling party states that they are not. S4 spoke to the homeowner. It was a verbal disagreement only. Stated that she was blocking the driveway and wanted it noted. S4 restored the peace and made sure there was not an issue.

Calling party on Main Street states female next door yelling and screaming and thinks that she may be in distress. One in custody. 91 cleared stating he spoke with all parties at the residence.

Report of sewer backup into a basement on Somerset Avenue. DPW notified.

Caller on Pleasant Street states a black vehicle is blocking her driveway. Clear, owner of the vehicle came out and moved the vehicle.

Party on Hutchinson Street claims that she sees 94C activity in the area. There are cars parked on the street, with very loud music. No vehicle information and the calling party was unwilling to give her information. Units checked the vicinity of the area and the call was unfounded. Could not locate alleged 94C activity or vehicle in question.

Caller on George Street hears someone in her back yard. She was having a cigarette in her backyard and she heard someone speak to her. She ran inside and called police. Did state that she hard footsteps crunching in the snow. Units spoke to the calling party and checked the backyard. Could not locate anyone, but will check the area. Area search negative. Calling party was advised to call back if she hears/sees anything else.

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