Police Blotter 08-10-2017

Monday, July 31

Reporting party states that she works at the East Boston Savings Bank. A male party, 45 years with white hat, white shirt, 6 feet tall on a cell phone passed her a note and robbed the bank. He took back the note before he left the scene. Unknown direction of travel. Five people inside, (four employees, one customer. Alarm company called stating panic alarm. Middle teller and right teller.

Party on Veterans Road is concerned about a white male standing/sitting at the bus stop. Possibly on something. Officer stated he spoke to the male party, and he is on his way home.

Parking complaint involving two pickup trucks on Siren Street. Officer ticketed illegally parked vehicles. One on the vehicle, and the other will be mailed due to having an expired sticker. Also notified DPW regarding a large pothole in the middle of the street.

Silver Mercedes stopped in the middle of Shore Drive. Something made a loud noise and then dark liquid coming out of the car. No smoke, no fire. It is causing a traffic jam. Elderly couple have left the car. Vehicle moved prior to police arrival. The river will notify AAA.

Unit will go by Ingleside Avenue and tell party to contact Peabody Police regarding an accident that happened in their town. Spoke to the owner’s father who will call her and her boyfriend and have them call Peabody Police.

Ex-employee is inside store on Pleasant Street, putting his hands on another employee. Able to mediate at least for today. No assault, just words were exchanged. Mechanic they do not want there is being escorted by the boat owner and off the property. The no-trespass was explained to the boat owner.

Caller on Ingleside Avenue is reporting a dog whimpering and appears to be in distress. Unknown where the dog is, but caller will point units in the direction of the noise. Spoke to calling party and heading over to Brookfield Road to investigate. It was a small dog barking on Pleasant ad Edgewood, nothing else found.


Tuesday, August 1

Party picked up syringe on Shirley Street. Item picked up and brought to the station.

Report that a car has been vandalized at the Cummings School. 93 reports she is going to the car wash on Main Street to see if the piece of the car was at the car wash. 93 reports car was not vandalized. 93 went to the car wash and then retrieved plastic part of the vehicle which will be returned to the owner.

908 called in about a party who found a suspicious male in his hallway next to the Quick Mart. 93 reports a miscommunication. Both parties are on their way.

Report of a grey vehicle parked for two days on Enfield Road. Neighbor saw a female get out of the vehicle and walk away. 93 requests a tow for attached vehicle. Sergeant called dispatch to cancel the tow. The owner came out to move his vehicle and will contact his insurance company.

93 attempted to served paperwork to subject on Read Street. Subject not home.

Female on Bartlett Road states that her grandchild’s car has been broken into and there is glass all over the floor Grandmother will be waiting outside for the officer. It seems a rock was thrown through the back window. No one on the scene heard anything.

Party on Birch Road starts that a car was vandalized with spray paint.

Caller reports yelling and screaming and someone asking for police on Beach Road. No further information and the caller hung up. No answer on the callback. 94 reports a past assault. Other party involved fled prior to arrival.


Wednesday, August 2

Assisted medical on Locust Street. Male party, age 40, transported to MGH.

Caller on Locust Street states that a black vehicle has been parked in front of his home now for over a week. Vehicle is coming out of Lynn. 93 reports he put vehicle on 72-hour list and will come back to check then.

Party on Shore Drive would like to speak with an officer about construction that is going on across the street. 998 reports he spoke to the resident and explained the construction details. The resident understood.

93 flagged down by citizen on Veterans Road. The citizen was looking for directions.

Detective attempted to serve summons to subject on Shore Drive.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. 92 reports that there is minimal damage to the first car. Will followup with second car. 93 went to the driver’s home with one of the vehicles, who left the scene of the accident. He was not there. He will try again later. Driver of the second car left the scene of the accident. Vehicles/persons attached.

Owner of Bob’s Bait Shack states that someone is parking in her 15-minute spot. 92 reports this is an ongoing issue, but she will speak to both parties. 92 reports she has spoken to the owner of the store and informed her that she will be back in 15 minutes to tag the car if it is still there.


Thursday, August 3

Brown paper bag found on Shirley Street. Bag was filled with old fruit.

Male party calling from Girdlestone Road states that directly behind him on Sunset Road, there are male parties hiding in the grass. Not sure who they are. Nothing showing at this time.

Citation issued for speeding on Revere Street.

Party came to the station to drop off an iPhone 6.

Panic alarm at Ocean Auto Body. Officer spoke to the owner who stated he punched in the wrong passcode.

Party on Veterans Road pointed out to an officer of male party sleeping in a car. Male party sent on his way back to Saugus.

11-month-old child on Revere Street, with injuries from a fall. Child will be transported to the MGH.

One dog removed from  Yirrell Beach.

Police called WFD stating a male party with general weakness. 97 also on the scene. Male party transported to MGH.

Complaint of a guy in  a car that recently went inside the house on Bowdoin and Thornton streets. Officer stated the male party was following a young girl. He is not able to drive due to not having an active license. Vehicle has to remain on the street until someone with an active license can drive it away. Male party will be working across the street no Thornton Street.

Motor vehicle stop onWalden Street. Unit is going to summons the unlicensed operator to court.

Male party at Governors Park fell and slit his wrist E2 reports male party is a worker and fell off of a stepladder while working. Unit reports worker hurt himself by accident. He was transported to the Whidden.

Possible drunk male driver banged a u-turn on Shirley Street headed toward the hardware store. Unit spoke with the calling party and going to look in the area for the car. Unit checked the area and cannot find the car. She also checked the street where the car comes out of and cannot locate it.

Calling party on Locust Street is worried about her daughter. Mother cannot reach the daughter. She received a phone call from her daughter’s friend’s mother (who she is fighting with and screaming). Unit reports they are at the address and a dog is barking. Did make contact with the daughter and everything is okay.

Party on Buchanan Street wants to report threats.


Friday, August 4

Suspicious activity at Governors Park. Caller states that a vehicle is all smashed up, no make, no model or plate given. The vehicle is missing front and appears work is being done. Nothing out of place and it is legally parked.

Two motor vehicles with out-of-state plates that have been in the town of Winthrop for months on end at the Public Landing. A courtesy notice was placed on the windshields advising them to register in Massachusetts within seven days to avoid a $500 citation.

Reports of a female falling while on the Paul Revere bus yesterday. The bus driver assisted in picking her up. Today, she is seeking medical attention for head and back.

Motor vehicle repossession on Bowdoin Street. Female in custody for warrant arrest.

Attempt to serve warrant to subject on Shirley Street. No service made.

Calling party on Pleasant Street states he works at this location, and someone that lives there was hit by a car earlier and wants to file a report. Party denied medical when he called.

Calling party states that there is an abandoned house on Franklin Street and two dark-skinned males were there taking out televisions and a couch and left in a black pickup. There is a white van parked there also. Sergeant secured the building. Neighbors will call if they return. When the bank was called to find out more information, they stated that they have movers there. They were told that the building was secured as movers left the doors wide open.

Male on Belcher Street appears to be a little off balance. Unit stated party was just walking home.

Intoxicated female on Revere Street stumbling around. No further information given. Female stated that her friend was picking her up. When friend was called, they verified. Unit will remain on scene until the friend gets there. Friend picked up female and unit is going to assist them home to ensure they are safe.

Motor vehicle stop with three occupants at Halford Park. Parties have been sent out of the area.


Saturday, August 5

Unit stated suspicious activity in the parking lot on Banks Street. Unit stated they spoke with the male party and he has left the area.

Report of a baby skunk in driveway on Shirley Street. It appears to be very sick. Call referred to DPW.

Neighbor on Court Road is having trees cut down, and they are on her property. She was not notified by the town, and is very upset.

Unit stated he will be address on Buchanan Street to assist a party in retrieving his belongings. Active RO is in place. Unit stated some of the individual’s belongings were retrieved. He will get the rest of his items at another time. Units advised to give headquarters a call prior to doing so. Involved party (homeowner) stated that he believes his electronic lock was tampered with while the other party was on the premises. Officer advised the caller that he was present the entire time, and the lock was not tampered with in any way. Perhaps the lock was accidentally damaged when the door was closed. Caller stated that the lock is in working order now, but wanted it noted in case anything else happen s with it. Caller was advised by the officer that if there are any further issues or if the restraining order is violated to call 911, and they will respond.

Calling party on Bowdoin Street states a man dropped a syringe, and she is standing by it. Male party walked down toward the cemetery towards the golf course.  Male party is late 20s. Unit stated he has the item and will dispose of it. Area search came up negative.

Calling party on Shore Drive wishes to have his step-mom served regarding divorce proceedings with his father. Party was advised about civil matter proceedings and advised to contact a constable for the matter.

Party on Cliff Avenue stated that two male parties was in the yard. He has never seen them before He last saw them on the beach. One male party is still in the yard. Unit searched the home and surrounding homes. Everyone is fine. The male parties could not be located.

Peabody PD requests a notification to be made to the female party on Ingleside Avenue. They would like her to contact them in regards to a motor-vehicle accident in their city. Unit stated the party has been notified.

Party on Sagamore Avenue states that the neighbor has a halogen light on in their yard, and it is shining in her window. Units checked the area. Seems to be a motion light, and no one seems to be home. It appears that some trees have been cut down which could be using this issue. There isn’t much that can be done tonight. They will see if they can get in touch with the residents tomorrow.

A group of kids hanging around the Pond Street Playground, playing loud music. Unit spoke with the individuals and sent them out of the area.


Sunday, August 6

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. One under arrest for license being suspended and failing to stop.

Two girls reporting males are chasing them on Girdlestone Road. Strong language barrier. Used a translator and the two girls were located. They reported their friend was still no the boat when they got off. They ran and are unsure what boat their friend might be on. All three females were located and took a Uber home.

Motor vehicle stop on Shore Drive. Tow requested. G&J has the vehicle.

Reporting party on Sunset Road states that her friend has made Q5 statements. She has attempted in the past. She posted them on Facebook. After about an hour the reporting party called us because he and the girl’s mom and several other friends could not reach the girl. WPD some to individuals at the residence and they stated she no longer lives there. The units then went to her male friend’s grandfather’s home, where she has been known to hang around, and the grandfather stated that his grandson has not been here in a couple of weeks. When we tried to reach her via cellphone the ping came up as being in Malden. Malden PD were able to locate her, and she was transported to the hospital.

Report of a white male screaming and yelling at everyone on Shirley Street. Male party was trespassed from the Public Landing, and will be leaving the area.

Report of female possibly drunk who fell near the Lucky Convenient. Not sure if she got up. Fire/medical on the scene. Female transported to MGH.

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