New Sisterhood in Place at Temple Tifereth Israel

Temple Tifereth Israel has reactivated their Sisterhood.  According to new Sisterhood president Eileen Wickham, “The Temple Sisterhood has a history of playing an active, vital role in the Temple.  This group is charged with programming and fundraising to benefit our religious school, which is growing and thriving.  The new group will also provide member support and outreach.”

The group of 25-plus members elected a full slate of new officers for 2015-2016, with Eileen Wickham as president, Amy Creador as vice president, Amy Yorra as secretary, Robyn Callanan as treasurer, Elaine Abrams and Ruth Housman for member services, Sandy Stern and Lois Rosenthal for publicity.

Temple Tifereth Israel is located at 93 Veterans Road. Services are held every Saturday and Sunday morning, and on holidays and special occasions. More information available at (617) 846-1390.

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