Police Blotter 02-09-2017

Monday, January 30

Caller reports a Honda has been parked in the Highland lot at Pine Street for over two months and has not been moved. Officer is unable to locate the party and will watch for it on the parking shift. No violation at this time.

Party reports someone spray painted the back of the WWI monument in front of Town Hall. OIC reports units are tied up making another service at this time. They will respond to this call after that is complete.

Service warrant served to subject on Ocean View Street. Female under arrest.

Walk-in to report attempted fraud via Craigslist. Party mailed a check for a greater amount than item and wanted the difference mailed back. He was advised this is a common scam. He did not cash the check, just wanted it noted. The scam originated in Acres, FL.

Homeless an sleeping outside apartment on Golden Drive. Unit stated man was waiting for the bus at the bus stop outside of address in question. He was advised of a possible o trespass.

Summons served in hand to subject on Wave Way Avenue.

Unit stated he was off for an investigation with the Senior Center outreach coordinator.

Motor vehicle accident at Bank of America. Caller states the vehicle went through the chain link fence trying to flee the scene. It was a black Jeep. Unit stated there were no injuries, but stated tow truck needed. G&J enroute.

Mom on Forrest Street called in stating her son was making Q5 statements over the phone. She wasn’t aware of the address but she stated he lived with a female in Winthrop. Unit stated he spoke with the party in question. He is fine and is with friends.

Report of a white male urinating on property at Winthrop Marketplace. Unit stated he spoke with the subject and explained he has a no trespass and advised him about having to come back out. Unit also spoke to the manager and explained what the next step would be if involved party comes back. The manager is okay with that and will call us if involved party comes back.

14 year old female juvenile came in with her mother to report that while she was walking up Jefferson Street headed home, a tall male wearing a black hoodie attempted to take a case containing her flute from her hands. She struck him in the face and he then fled. She was wearing her glasses so she can give no further description of the subject.

Vandalism to motor vehicle with two slashed tires on Prescott Street. Vehicle has expired registration. Unit stated about a month ago, someone keyed his vehicle as well. Unit will do a report. Also the involved party is going to renew his registration online and unit will come back tonight to thick it.

Reporting party stated a white male, late 40’s, is trying handles to doors walking toward Overlook Drive. Unit unable to locate subject and will search the area. Subject was located at Cumberland Farms and he stated he was waiting for the bus.

Party on Golden drive stated that she went out to get her mail and a male party was sleeping in front of her door. He was being verbally abusive to her. Unit stated he searched the area and could not locate the subject, but will keep an eye on the area.

Tuesday, January 31

Report of an erratic driver on Washington and Pleasant Street. Units searched the area, nothing showing.

Expired inspection sticker on vehicle in Governors Park.

Party came to the station to report that someone opened up a credit card account with Capital One using her information. This was done on 12/9/2014. The reporting party just discovered this when she was contacted by a collection agency. Party believes that this was done in New Hampshire. The amount of the debt incurred falsely was $446.01.

Party came to the station to report that someone has incurred charges to two Verizon cell phone accounts in her name. She was also told that someone may have been trying to take over her numbers. In addition, in her home that was her late mother’s located in the Point, it appears that cable or phone lines have been installed in the attic that she knows nothing about. A party that she is estranged from has been staying there.

Calling party states that he had words with a male in a white van after he told the driver to slow down since he was driving over the posted speed limit in the center. Spoke to the call party and advised him to call again if the other involved party makes any threats to him.

Caller from Kentucky is mother of involved party and is concerned for her daughter on Court Road. She has not heard from her since Sunday which is unusual for her. Party has been notified to speak with her mom.

Units report call came from apartment on Shirley Street. Apparent smoke detector activation. The calling party was able to reset.

Millis PD calling to do a well being check for female party at East Boston Neighborhood Health.

Wednesday, February 1

Calling party on Pauline Street states loud noise in the rear of the address. 92 reports a man shoveling the sidewalk.

93 reports low hanging wires on Lincoln Street. Comcast was driving by and they secured.

Reporting party states that someone defecated behind his house, seared feces on the side of his house. They also cleaned themselves and left that mess behind as well. He just wanted this noted.

Party on Winthrop Street states there are two vehicles playing loud music in front of his home. Unit stated he spoke with the owner of the vehicles and they are going to shut the music off and go home.


Thursday, February 2

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Unit stated citation given for speeding.

Motor vehicle stop at Pleasant and Brookfield Road. Unit stated one in custody for driving under the influence, second offense. G&J enroute.

99 assisted citizen getting belongings from residence on Billows Street.

Assist medical on Sagamore Avenue. 28 year old male unresponsive. Male left on his own accord with Action EMS.

Caller on Shirley Street stated a man on a black bike riding a motorcycle up and down the street, possibly drunk. Motorcycle was parked but officers did not see party on scene.

Party on Pleasant Street would like a well-being check on his ex-wife who he hasn’t heard from in two days. Has been trying to contact her but no answer. Unable to locate subject. Nobody home at the residence at this time. Police and fire will clear.

Attempted to serve a summons on Golden Drive. Unable to serve at this time.

Caller on Court Road states there is a rabid raccoon walking around the area. ACO has been dispatched and has picked up the animal.

Caller at Governors Park stated she heard a female screaming outside. Units checked the area, nothing showing.

Friday, February 3

Party states an employee did not show up to work and no one has been able to make contact with him. Employer has made contact with the subject.

Caller states they will be attempting to serve a warrant service on Upland Road.

Trying to locate a party from an earlier hit and run accident on Veterans Road. Unable to locate the party.

Off with inspectional services and ACO officer for a followup on Pleasant Street.

Caller on River Road states that there was a threatening message left on her cell phone.

In the vicinity of Madison Avenue, two men walking up and down the street with clip boards knocking on doors. No uniforms on. Area clear at this time.

Male came in to report that he left his keys inside his motor vehicle and the car is running in front of Michael’s Mall. G&J notified and male subject had vehicle unlocked. He came back in and thanked us.

Saturday, February 4

Caller on Pauline Street stated that a male was threatening her mother at their home outside the door. The male party left down the street and is never a tree with another female. Male party is wearing a grey sweater and basketball shorts. Unit stated the female party did not want to pursue anything at this time. She was advised of her 209A rights.

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Unit stated citation issued for stop sign violation.

Caller on Edwards Street stated she heard a car driving up and down the streets with its car alarm going off. Unit stated the alarm is faulty, involved party will be calling mom to pick her up. Unit stated the vehicle is parked and they will contact a mechanic in the morning to check on the faulty alarm. Also, the involved party will be staying at her boyfriend’s house.

Party on Forrest Street states that her tenant is blowing leaves onto her vehicle and that her tenant is making “threats.” A verbal disagreement only.

Caller on Palmyra Street states that his wife is having mental issues. Medical is enroute. One female transferred to the Whidden.

Report of a sewage backing up into a house on Shirley Street. DPW notified.

Party at Crystal Cove Cafe stated that the manhole cover is off in front of the store. DPW notified.

Drunk walking in and out of traffic on Pleasant Street. Medical notified. Clear, male party sent on his way home by taxi.

Aggressive female party on Overlook Drive. Medical enroute. Clear, female party was transported to the MGH.

Party on Beacon Street stated she stepped outside and noticed her fender to her vehicle was hanging off. No other information on the vehicle.

Party stated there is a vehicle driving erratic in the Landing parking lot. Party had no plate information. No description of the vehicle and refused to leave his contact information. They were given a warning and any violations received from now on they will be cited and they will not be able to hang down there if problem continues.

Sunday, February 5

Motor vehicle stop on Cross Street, Multiple occupants. 93 transporting one under for the 94. 94 remaining on the scene until another operator responds to take possession of the vehicle. One under arrest for driving under the influence and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Calling party from Walden Street complaining that the youths are skate boarding across from his building making echoing noises. 92 reports two youths have been sent on their way.

Party on Belcher Street reports medium size black down running in the street. Dog was not able to be located.

Caller on Bates Avenue wants to pick up some items. The party needs to report to the station and get a detail to get items out of the house. She will do so before going back to the house. Unit assisted party with getting items from the house.

Two girls and one male throwing all their trash out the window at the Landing. Black SUV. All the trash was picked up.

Assisted WFD with fire with a two year old sick child on Edward Street. Straight medical, baby transported to MGH.

Caller at Pleasant and Palmyra Street states there are too many cars parked in the area obstructing the area. This is an ongoing issue/complaint. All cars are parked legally. One car was given a warning for parking too close to the corner, otherwise no problem.

Party from Undine Avenue came into the station extremely agitated wanting us to check on her granddaughter whom she has not seen in four months. Child is fine, an ongoing family issue. Court order in place regarding custody. Grandmother is routinely asking for wellbeing check on the child. The child is fine.

Calling party on Amelia Avenue states a loud party keeping neighbors up. No units available. Neighborhood clear, there was a Super Bowl party, couple in the hot tub, peace restored.

Assisted WFD and EMS with subject on Veterans Road. Patient transported to the hospital.


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