Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

On Wednesday January 18th, a meeting was held in the Joseph Harvey Hearing Room at 8am by the Town Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) to review a request to make Grandview Avenue and Bay View Avenue, at Point Shirley, into one way streets.  The meeting was chaired by Police Chief Terrance  Delehanty,  TSAC Chairman, with two other committee members, Steve Calla and John Eade, with him at the head table.  There were 51 people in attendance all of who appeared to oppose this change.  The manner in which the meeting was to be conducted was carefully explained by Mr. Delehanty, first an open hearing at which all attendees could discuss the pros and cons on the subject and express their opinions on the request at which almost everything said appeared to be in opposition to the requested change. The Hearing was then closed and the Committee discussed and voted unanimously  to not make any such change to the existing traffic pattern.  Those of us in attendance greatly appreciated the manner in which the TSAC Chairman advised us on how the meeting would be conducted and then made it happen accordingly

G.David Hubbard



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