Sean Driscoll’s New Program Already Drawing Interest

Winthrop Parks and Recreation Director Sean Driscoll is launching a great program for boys and girls in grades 6-9. Beginning on Saturday, Oct. 29, from 6 to 10 p.m., sixth through ninth graders will be able to go to the old Middle School gymnasium on Pauline Street and participate in activities that will be staffed by Mr. Driscoll and his staff.

Sean said he remembers the days when he was growing up in Winthrop and he and his friends could go to the Rec gym or the Old Church on Hermon Street and compete in basketball and just socialize with other people in their own age bracket.

The activities will extend beyond the basketball court — there will be games and other fun things to do in a safe, well-staffed environment. It’s a six-week pilot program and we hope that Winthrop youths will attend the first program on Oct. 29 — and knowing Sean, he will listen to suggestions about how it can become “the place to go” on Saturday nights in town.

We feel it’s a wonderful idea — and we understand there will be refreshments for everyone — and it stems from Sean’s willingness to give our sixth through nine graders something to do on Saturday nights.

Sean said he could use some volunteers to help out and they can contact him at [email protected]

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